Obama will lose Indiana and North Carolina?

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  1. The polls are showing Obama tied with HIllary in Indiana and only slightly ahead in N Carolina. Clinton tends to perform better than polls indicate. For example, in Pennsylvania she won by a 10 point margin while the polls only showed a 5-7 point margin. That means that Clinton could win Indiana and N Carolina by narrow margins.

    This would be very bad for Obama's campaign and would give Hillary a much needed edge to win over the super delegates to become the nominee.

    Obama is a socialist and a marxist. Having him as president would jeopardize national and foreign security, the sovereignty of the nation, and cripple business and commerce.
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    I agree, but Obama is a much preferred opponent for the fall, McCain will be able to beat him more easily. So, let him get the nomination - which he seems to have almost sewn up anyway if you look at the delegate numbers. He's the weaker of the two Democrats, let him win for now. On the other hand, the more Hillary gains momentum temporarily, the more her followers will feel let down when Obama gets the final nod. So, I hope she does very well tonight... :)
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    This is the craziest primary I've ever seen. But McCain seems to be attacking Obama. That might be because he seems Obama as the eventual winner, or because he thinks Obama is harder to beat (so it's better to bang him up now and either he loses the primary or goes into the general cycle in tatters).

    Or something much more complex. Who knows. I almost wish we could keep the Whitehouse vacant for four years, might be better than any of these power-mad lunatics.

    Blacks tend to vote in blocks, 90% favor Obama. 1 out of 3 NC D primary voters are black which translates to 30 percent of the votes right there. For the Hildabeast to win, she needs a whopping 75% of the nonblack vote! That's huge. If she gets close, that's a big statement that she is more electable than Obama.

    But holy moly if the demos pick her. They've virtually brainwashed black voters to view everything as race-based. The black vote is the most loyal block the demos have. And they will go moonbat crazy. There will be riots.

    But, Obama would be the heir apparent (or however one spells it). If he brought "his people" to the table and helped reunify the party, he'd be considered the next candidate. If Clinton loses, he'd be a strong contender for the 2012 election. So there's something to be said for Obama easing the pain and calming the black power block.

    But, Obama has at least some support that would view that as selling out to the man. Obama chose his church because of politics. He wanted to be seen as authentic and down for the struggle and part of this black movement as much as possible. It remains to be seen how much a reunification play by Obama would cost him. It might be very little, it might be easy to fix, I dunno.

    Glad I'm not a super delegate.
  4. North Carolina is a red state. It is irrelevant from a electoral point of view.

    A winner for the democrats in November has to do one simple thing:

    Win every state Kerry won in 2004 + Ohio or Florida.

    Which candidate has the best chance of doing that is the only question that should be in the mind of the democratic party.

    Here is the dilemma:

    To put up a candidate who would likely lose the general election, but who won the majority of the popular/delegate vote during the primaries, or put up the candidate that has the best chance to win the general election based on polling data of either candidate vs. McCain.

    The moment it was known that McCain was going to be the republican nominee, all the thinking should have gone to who can best beat McCain.

    To go with principle above practicality, and put up the candidate who not polling the strongest against McCain would be typical of the democrats in the past, as they tend not to think about winning the election, they get emotionally wrapped up in particular candidates.

    If they should learn anything, it is that they should consider what is best for America as a whole, which is essentially saying from their perspective, putting up who has the best chance of winning in November.

    If Hillary stays in this to the end, which is probably going to happen unless Obama secures enough delegates before the convention the way McCain did to end the run of Romney, Huckabee, etc., at that point the odds favor a brokered convention.

    It shouldn't matter which candidate wins the nomination, what matters is who would win in November.

    John Kerry got nothing for winning the nomination in 2004...

    Blacks or women should take no solace in saying a woman or a black man got a chance to lose in November.

    The general election is all that matters.

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    FWIW the political side of Tradesports.com has Obama winning the nomination at 80+%. The Clinton Machine is very tough to beat, that's a major accomplishment IMO.
  6. don't make me throw up.. the media protected rapist and monster for a longgg time. youtube killed the monster beast. the mainstream never would have run the sniper gaffe. all of her misteps would have slid by if it werent for the internet and youtube.

    poor mz tuzla.... maybe next year.. yeah right. the media decides who wins (they just can't protect psychopaths from themselves anymore).
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    Somebody get Bubba a Cialis!!

    The "big dog" is feeling a little limp tonight.

  8. Rat, I think you called it perfectly with that post.
  9. Without the huge black vote obama would have troble winning.

    Look at the county maps.....It is even more concentrated then Al Gore 2000.

    In Nov. there will be a huge black vote....It just means Obama will win states like IL, NY, Ca by big numbers,...the key is if whites will vote enough in the South to offset the black vote.

    Obama will win the popular vote but lose the electral vote in Nov.

    Look for inner city riots!!!