Obama Will Lose in 2012

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  1. I think this guy nailed it.

    President Obama has several key flaws which have doomed his presidency.

    1. His leadership style is one of consensus and compromise. This works OK in a caretaker setting in which there are no crises and no demands for bold changes of course. Unfortunately, this era is defined by structural crises, and a leadership based on gaining consensus and compromise is basically a rudderless one in this environment.

    2. He does not understand economics or finance, nor is he secure about making decisions on financial topics. As a result he deferred to the "experts," who just happened to be Wall Street cronies and insiders who easily swayed the President with their hobgoblin stories of financial meltdown and ruin if we didn't "save the banking sector from losses."

    3. His grasp of history is poor. The same can be said of most presidents, but Obama failed to grasp the historic opportunity to set a new sustainable course for the nation's banking and financial sectors, and thus for its economy. He opted instead to save and protect the corrupt and embezzlement-based banking sector from losses, and he continues to do so with "extend and pretend" policies.

    In a similar fashion, he has allowed the National Security State and the Global Empire to expand without any limitations.

    4. He has no visible core beliefs beyond a vague sense that the Federal government and its extension, the American Empire, are forces for good. His policies can be boiled down to: support and expand the Savior State and its many fiefdoms, support and expand the Global Empire and National Security State, and allow the banking system and its Power Elites to set the agenda and control the oversight agencies and institutions.

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    Well, except for the healthcare thingy, where he was a thug, "ramming" the legislation "down our throats".

    I'll read the rest in a minute.
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    Some of Smith's points are valid and some are a little off the wall. Overall there is much there that pinpoints some of Obama's failings that should be his, or any President's, downfall.
  4. Most of Obama's backers had and still have no idea where he stands on any major issues, they just vote for their free handouts and are captivated by Obama's great ability to read off a teleprompter.
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    Exactly. And that hasn't changed. You can bet that (no matter what), The One will capture 99% of the black vote and virtually all of the hard core left. Questions are, how much of the population is capable of voting for The One or another canidate and can the republicans cough up a candidate better than bob dole or john mccain?

    I think it's very possible for the gop to go find the candidate who is even more unappealing to the so called "middle" than The One.
  6. Maybe the next republican candidate won't be white.
  7. Maybe THAT's the key... have a Republican candidate like Herman Cain, Charles Payne, Allen West, Walter Williams...

    Then the blacks won't know which brother to vote for. Perhaps split their vote 50-50, or even 55-45.... such a split would have been enough to defeat Odumbo in '08, you know.
  8. Was she on The Jeffersons or Good Times? :confused:
  9. We, the patriotic American Jewish lobby, will ensure the defeat of Obama HUSEIN Barack.
  10. Why did you support him so heavily last time then? Buyer's regret setting in?
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