Obama will increase taxes on everyone!

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  1. Well he's right in that Reagan did sign a tax cut, before he signed multiple tax increases. So revenues decreased, and then to two factors they increased: 1) His nonstop signing of tax increases (1988 was the only year unscathed) and 2) the fact that the country was recovering from a recession.

    If you want to see an interesting graph -- this is a graph of the inflation adjusted after tax income of the top 1% versus the middle class under Reagan. Notice how the middle class stayed flat -- and how the top 1% seemed to do better by factors of 50% and more:

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    I hadn't really understood McCains health care tax credit plan. Thanks for the explanation. :)
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    You said in your post that I was responding to that TEFRA did it. And you were wrong, dimwit. You are a pos. There is no doubt about it.
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    This guy is a troll and a complete waste of time. We have explained to him over and over in the birth certificate thread the difference between an issued version and a vault version, but he still keeps coming back with post after post making the same disproven argument. Now he wants to do the same thing here.

    But of course he will not respond to the opening post, because his god Obama is made to look like the liar he is and bigdavetheload is nothing more than a Kool Aid drinker anyway.
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    That's the problem with lies. If you tell too many you end up telling more lies to cover the ones you already told.
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    Here is an Obama tax calculator. Everything I tried said McCain would give zero tax cuts or in the case of the higher ranges simply did not privde it.

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