Obama White House Access Is 'Quid Pro Quo'

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. pspr


    Obama has taken 'Quid Pro Quo' to a new level of corruption.

    Access to the Obama White House is in direct correlation to the amount of money donated to the president's reelection effort and the Democratic party, the New York Times reports today.

    The Times reports: "those who donated the most to Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party since he started running for president were far more likely to visit the White House than others. Among donors who gave $30,000 or less, about 20 percent visited the White House, according to a New York Times analysis that matched names in the visitor logs with donor records. But among those who donated $100,000 or more, the figure rises to about 75 percent. Approximately two-thirds of the president’s top fund-raisers in the 2008 campaign visited the White House at least once, some of them numerous times."

    But the most explosive allegation in the news story comes from former Democratic congressman Patrick Kennedy, son of the late Ted Kenney, who calls what the Obama White House is doing "quid pro quo."

    Patrick J. Kennedy, the former representative from Rhode Island, who donated $35,800 to an Obama re-election fund last fall while seeking administration support for a nonprofit venture, said contributions were simply a part of “how this business works.”

    “If you want to call it ‘quid pro quo,’ fine,” he said. “At the end of the day, I want to make sure I do my part.”

    Mr. Kennedy visited the White House several times to win support for One Mind for Research, his initiative to help develop new treatments for brain disorders. While his family name and connections are clearly influential, he said, he knows White House officials are busy. And as a former chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, he said he was keenly aware of the political realities they face.

    And Kennedy admits that folks in the White House are checking out the donor records:

    “I know that they look at the reports,” he said, referring to records of campaign donations. “They’re my friends anyway, but it won’t hurt when I ask them for a favor if they don’t see me as a slouch.”

    Literally translated, "quid pro quo" means "something for something." As in, if you want something from the Obama White House, then give something (e.g., cash).

  2. jem


    30,000 grand to visit. That is far less than I thought.

    I could easily find 30 gs to donate, if I can get support for the jem would like a mansion on the beach fund. I have been doing it all wrong.

    I have to think about changing the way I allocate my businesses marketing resources.

    I could donate to both parties and ensure my success slowly but surely til I buy just about every politician in Sacramento D.C. and Brussels.

    Now... what will all do with all that power and access. Which business shall I run. A highly profitable, regulated business. Maybe insurance. Maybe medicine, maybe the law, maybe weapons, maybe security or securites... I got it... an exchange for carbon credits or water rights... now all I need is to create demand for such credits.
  3. pspr


    I think the return on investment is a minimum of 10 to 1 and often well over 100-1. Your $30k investment should easily get you a White House visit and a $3 mil net project from the government.
  4. jem


    Seriously I am still less than 50. I have to make about 10 million over the next 15 years. Is there any more secure way than buying politicians? You get to see the white house for 30 grand.

    What does a senator cost... How about a state senator in charge of giving out goodies.

    Seriously... instead of protesting it... maybe I need to do it. I pay google about what I need to buy the white house. Which is a better investment?

    If I stop posting, you will know what I have choosen.
    In fact I have already chosen... I am going to figure out how to own my local politicians and move up the ladder from here.

    That article was really eye opening. I'm pissed... I feel stupid for trying to do it the right way.
  5. pspr


    You don't even have to donate your own money. Bundle other people's money and you get on the donor list.

    Of course, Obama is the poster president for quid pro quo. He was pretty good at it in Chicago. It might not work as well if Romney is President. So, work fast! :D