Obama went from HOPE to FEAR in under 3 weeks.

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  1. "Catastrophe" will occur in the economy if the bill isn't passed.

    We may never recover if the bill isn't passed.

    ** what kind of talk is all of this from a man who ran on HOPE instead of fear? I've never heard a sitting President call the economy a potential "Catastophe". He's throwing out his principles in less than 3 weeks of being into office. Where's did his Hope talk go? It's all FEAR now. **
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    These people are all bought and paid for. I wish to be wrong, but I think they are puppets, every one.
  3. I think it was Hoover who ran a "hope" campaign and before long he sounded foolish and lost credibility.
  4. You would think with all his fear talk he would be advocating a stimulus package that would provide immediate impacts in the first year. The fact is that the majority of the package will not even be put to use this year.

    Maybe Obama thinks sense people are dumb enough to vote for him they are dumb enough to not actually study the stimulus package themselves.

    Obama is making the economy sound worse than the great depression while at the same time advocating a package WHERE A MAJORITY OF IT WON'T EVEN BE PUT TO USE THIS YEAR.

    That is the definition of fucked up.
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    Obama is a fucking puppet.

    Invoking fear and the specter of certain disaster to usurp the public wallet.

    Same as Bush. Although Bush used that same fraud for Iraq and the economy.

    We're only 3 weeks into Obama, and he's already played the Emmanuel Goldstein card.


  6. This stimlus is being used to rebuild Goverment infrastructure. it is nothing about rebuilding public infrastructure.
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    If Bush or any republican for that matter had said that it would immediately be dismissed here as fear mongering. When the left's beloved messiah says it, we here nothing the crickets chirping.
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    Slam Obama all you want, I do. The stimulus is garbage. But have you heard the Republicans? Every single one of them when interviewed, talks tax cuts and military infrastructure. WTF is military infrastructure??? They want to build more bases? Why? And how in the hell would that stimulate anything? What are they trying to push through and why?
  10. Ohh tough guy. I am surprised your homos i mean homies haven't shot you in the face for stealing some of their drugs or welfare checks yet hint hint.
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