Obama Welcomes Muslim Brotherhood That Has Ties To Sadat Assassination And Al-Qaeda

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, Feb 2, 2011.

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  2. Odumbo is "anti-America"... should be rejected on all fronts.

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  3. This is Iran all over again. Carter and his State Department looked on the murderous tyrant Khomeini as some sort of dali lama figure. Now another group of radical islamists is taking advantage of another weak, naive American president.
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    I'm afraid you are right. Violence is escalating in Egypt. The more this happens the more likely a radical Islamic regime will take power.
  5. I'll say it again: The Muslim brotherhood is about as 'moderate' as the Aryan Brotherhood. Trying to whitewash and legitimize these guys is a colossal mistake, and Obama is fucking this up big-time.
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    is anyone really surprised that someone whose dad was a muslim from Kenya is sympathetic to the muslim brotherhood. This is no screw up... this is inevitable.

    How long before the radical muslims take over the whole region.
    My concern is that Ahmadinejad seems to be the only leader with a plan...

    keep an eye on the Temple Mount.
  7. Back tracking the story one can see it has been somewhat enhanced for those that do like the current President of the USA. The alleged deal is renounce violence and you get a seat at the table which in its self is not a suprising or illogical move. Recognising the MB puts a further spoiler in their now less than close relationship with Al-Q.
  8. I remember when Arafat 'renounced violence'. I also remember what that was worth.
  9. Yeah but the circumstances here are different, Egypt exists as a state already and I am more than convinced the nationalist elements will prevail within the MB.
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    Honesty is not one of their hallmarks.
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