Obama: We asked Iran to give us our drone back

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    Can somebody tell me what planet this guy is on?


    "Obama revealed the request for the return of the drone--which fell to earth in Iran recently, and had been captured in video footage circulated by the Iranian government--during a Monday White House news conference. The president shared the podium with Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki as both leaders discussed the future of American-Iraqi relations after the withdrawal of remaining U.S. forces from Iraq this month.

    But Obama's comments on the seized drone will likely upstage the designated subject of the conference--and are all but certain to become instant fodder for late-night comedy and GOP primary campaign barbs.

    "We've asked for it back," President Obama said of the spy plane, according to an Agence-France Press report. "We'll see how the Iranians respond."

    Is it actually a mystery to Obama as to how the Iranians might repond?
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    Bill Clinton destroyed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade killing the entire staff in order to destroy a crashed F-117 the Chinese recovered.
  3. pspr


    Obama doesn't think we should do anything that Iran might interpret as an act of war. They might shoot some of those photoshopped missles at us.

    Obama's going to wait until they have nukes so it will be a fair fight. He always wants things to be "fair".
  4. "We've asked for it back," President Obama said of the spy plane, according to an Agence-France Press report. "We'll see how the Iranians respond."

    As soon as they stop laughing.
  5. The President is doing the right thing.

    Is Israel the biggest loser in this affair?
  6. My guess is these things have a self destruct mechanism for cases like this

    This is probably not a real drone and the info the Iranians extract is the fake info we wanted them to have
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    Could be. The vehicle doesn't look quite right and would have self-destructed under normal conops for loss of comms.
  8. Lucrum


    It's not the only thing that's a mystery to Odumbo.
  9. Actually, if the Iranians really wanted to troll us they'd give it back. Hell they released those hikers. If they gave us back our super secret unmanned spy plane after we crashed it in their backyard...how ridiculous would that make us look?
  10. pspr


    The story is that there was a critical failure causing loss of contact and causing the drone to glide down instead of returning to base or self destructing.

    Believe it or not.

    (maybe there is a subminature hidden transmitter in the drone broadcasing everything the Iranians say back to our fearless leader.)
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