Obama Watergate on the horizon

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  1. First we have a State Department failed to properly secure our Embassy and then tried to cover it up.
    Second, we have the IRS targeting conservative groups. What did the Obama administration know, and when did they know it? Did they keep it hush hush during the campaign?
    And now, just tonight, we have the Obama Justice department spying on AP journalists. Are there other media outlets they've been spying on?

    The wheels have done come off. We now know beyond any reasonable doubt that the Obama administration is criminally corrupt. For the first time I now consider Impeachment a real possibility.
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    I dunno Captain, but I sure "hope" it happens.
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    I think they are going to keep this going at least until the 2014 election. Hopefully the GOP can get a Senate majority.

    Then impeachment could result in a trial in the Senate.

    But, the IRS Chief testified to Congress that the IRS was not targeting audits or investigation even when the question was repeated. This was a lie and could implicate Obama. Crimes have been committed.
  4. The left is scared, really scared. I watched Hardball this evening. First segment was a discussion of the IRS scandal and the breaking news about the AP. Guests were Joe Klein and Howard Fineman. A couple of true believers. They were scared. Matthews was tongue tied. Klien even calling Obama a bad manager. All saying if Team Obama knew about this IRS scandal during the campaign and kept it quiet, it means big trouble. You could smell the fear. Their boy is a crook and they know it.
  5. I'm excited!!!!

    On the bright side..Obama doesn't know what to do, no way in hell can he get a handle on any of this and fix it.
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    Are you a betting man?
  7. Talk to me in a month. So much is breaking so fast it's hard to say where it goes. One thing for sure, the Obama administration isn't as "transparent" as he claims it to be, and several departments are out of control. If this AP spygate grows legs, he loses the media. He's done if that happens.
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    Hey, look. It's another loser saying, wanna bet, huh, wanna bet, huh huh?
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    Tyranny will always turn on the media first. You think they now get it? MSM = useful fucking idiots.

    I actually find this particularly entertaining. They do the bidding of their king, and he turns his DOJ loose on them. Fucking priceless. Guess their sycophantic ways didn't rise to the required level of support for the agendas.

    To quote Levin tonight regarding helping the AP with the legalities:

    "I'm not available". LOL
  10. I said he was "black Nixon" a few years ago. The news of late makes me believe they are cut from a very similar cloth.
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