Obama Was Supposed to Be Ruinous For Equity Markets

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  1. First, let me state that I loathe the carry-on policy of shoveling taxpayer money into the chosen few, while starving the unlucky masses, first designed and implemented by Paulson/Bernanke/Geithner, under the Bush II Administration, and sealed with a kiss and expanded upon by the Obama Administration.

    Loathe is an word that utterly fails to communicate my discontent with what I call the Goldman Sachs/JP Morgan/Morgan Stanley/Bank of America, et al. Taxpayer Funded Beneficial Central Planning Commission.

    Having said that, and given my distaste for TARP/TALF/Save-AIG-to-Benefit-Goldman programs, weren't there recently a bunch of Kudlow types on here back in January that predicted Obama was going to absolutely submarine equity markets?

    Is this the reason for Kudlow's apparent despondency when I have the misfortune of seeing his rat face?

    Will someone who absolutely hates Obama on a personal level and who boldly predicted he was going to destroy equity markets just 7 months ago please educate me on this matter?

    (FWIW, I am incredibly bearish on the real economy of the U.S. and most developed nations, despite the wildly divergent behavior between equity markets and main street metrics since January)
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    It took commies seventy years to completely destroy things in Russia.

    Patience, my boy.
  3. Assuming I agreed with you, I could live with a 70 year equity bull run.
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    But, but.......aren't you short? :D
  5. it only took bush 8 years to put us in the crapper.

    the markets are giving obama a thumbs up all the while the party of no is crying doom from his policies.
  6. No. Precisely because I believe equity markets bear little relationship to economic fundamentals over short periods of time and even intermediate periods at some junctures in history.

    It's a casino, my boy, with the three rings controlled by obvious players.

    What the giddieth up trends giveth, the manipulated reversal taketh away with leverage.
  7. Al Gore's net worth went from $2million in 2000 to $100 million in 2008. Gee, that seems to fall under George Bush's term. Damn that evil Bush!!

    Where were you when the market went from 7200 to 14,000? I suppose shorting the market since we had an evil doer in office...

    Obama's gotta get us to about 13,300 to match Bush's bull run. I sure hope it happens for obvious reasons but I have huge doubts.

    I'll take a guess that between 10,200 to 10,600 will be the pivotal point.
  8. Yeah sure.....When Bush took the office S&P was at 1350 and when he left, it was around 850. If someone had bought when he got in the office and sold it when he left the person would have lost money.
  9. Markets have done better under Democrats, why fight this strong trend. Thank God for President Obama who has rescued the economy and kept us safe from a terrorist attack on our soil.




    Currently the best bet is to go long. There are going to be corrections on the way but history is on the bull's side. Buy any dip.

    A dip is a 7% decline in the S&P from the high.

    Sell when a Republicon becomes a president.
  10. Obama is not America, thank God. Markets are going to track fundamentals and earnings in the long run. The unemployment situation currently is worrisome though.
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