Obama was shocked

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  1. Enron CEO was shocked.

    WorldCom CEO was shocked.

    Now US CEO was shocked.

    Do US taxpayers work and pay taxes for the "president" to be shocked?

    And flying in the "private jet" from the east coast to the west coast to appear in a TV show to tell us he was shocked!

    This "private jet" is not paid by taxpayer's money?
  2. So Obama haters are now criticizing how he uses Air Force One ?

    He had a meeting with California officials and a town hall meeting before going on Leno.It was also his first time going to California as President
  3. It was the first time a sitting President went on a late night comedy talk show. Obama proved he is a bigger clown than Bozo. Bozo the clown would of made a better President. Not that I think Obama is really our President. He is just a clown who lives in the White House. A clown with big ears.
  4. I doubt Obama or the people who voted for him give a fuck what you think
  5. It's obvious (as it was in those companies you listed) he knew what was going on.

    By implying he didn't, he sets himself up for looking like a leader with no clue as to what is happening underneath his nose. Hell, even Maxine Waters is challenging Obama's leadership now!

    Whats he do when he's in trouble - he runs to the people for town hall meetings and talk shows.
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    And the rest really cares about what you are saying.
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  7. I wasn't giving my opinion ,I was stating that
    he had other business in California other then Leno .
  8. Here they are and you're right. They don't give a fuck.

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  9. It was white people that elected Obama.
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    Here they are and you're right. They don't give a fuck.

    You are cruel!
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    Isn't it funny that academics, journalists and other "sophisticated" people vote the same way like those braniacs in video?
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