Obama Wants Wealthy To Fund Healthcare

Discussion in 'Economics' started by pspr, Jun 7, 2009.

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    On one of the TV talk shows recently some academic from the Democratic side said the cost of healthcare is too high for "ordinary" Americans. While I agree, I also wonder what their definition is of an "ordinary" American.
  3. I don't understand how the wealthy can roll over and let the President wage a class war to fund healthcare?

    The book APPLIED ECONOMICS: Thinking beyond stage one - By Thomas Sowell talks about the problems with government run healthcare. Someone has to pay the costs. Actual Americans only pay 13% of HC costs. That is meager. Pay for what you use or else the government will come in, put in price controls and reduce the quality of healthcare as well as create waiting lines for patients. Once quality is reduced and long wait times are created you can bet more people will die when it is unnecessary. Britain has a famous case where a woman's cancer treatments were postponed until inoperable and she died.

    Government run healthcare works for colds and flu's but harms the major stuff, which is what really matters!
  4. who the fuck gets treated for a cold or flu?
    Harden the fuck up
  5. Try working in a hospital for a day. Many low income people use that as their family practitioner. IT is ridiculous but it costs tax payers billions of dollars each year to pay for this. I agree "Harden Up"! But people are ignorant and get scared when their forehead is warmer than usual or they have a small migraine.
  6. That sucks if true. My neighbor works in a hospital and she sees a lot of illegals come in right in the middle of labor; they might give a fake name or social security number and basically pay nothing. Happens probably all day everday. She says it's wasting a lot of money. Silly.
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    The US is the only first world nation without universal healthcare. Switzerland had a plan similar to the US and abandoned it quite a while ago.

    The truth is, the wealthiest Americans, earn, in one year, what would equate to the entire US debt. So, yes, the wealthiest, who reap the most, should be paying for this. Consider that there are folks earning over a billion a year, and others earning 100's of millions.
  8. Yes, it did get too high for the ordinary American the second that gov't got involved in the insurance industry.

    EVERY TIME the gov't gets involved it ends horribly. Every time.