Obama wants the ability to shut down the internet at will

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    Well call me paranoid, but this just keeps getting beeeeetter and better....

    Now our dictat... I mean president wants the ability to shut down our internet at will cause the terrorists are out to get us.... lol

    He's out of control

    Senate bill no 773 and 778


    Call to action people... spread the word because media surly wont. start calling, writing , emailing your representatives before Hitler wanna be gets his way...

    I feel like im in a bad dream... Oh and wjile your at it, tell your reps to oppose bill hr-875 and s425 or u will never eat an organic fruit or vegetable again in your life. And because its so poorly worded, you may get fined 25,000 bucks if you grow your own tomatoes in your back yard and have your house confiscated. jesus crist its a freaking tomato....!!!!!!!!!

    This my friends is not a march to socialism, its freaking totalitarianism with his freaking youth brigades...

    Oh and while your at it do research on codex, your gonna be eating genetically altered food that will leave you vitamin deficient. Maybe that's why little hitler doesn't want you to grow your own food...

    Also, news flash incase you you dont know... 31 states are declaring sovereignty under the tenth amendment because of gov overreaching. and for the record, all it takes it 3/4 of the states to dissolve the federal government and reconstitute a new one before they throw us in fema camps for supporting the constitution. believe it or not, a report,designed to help police identify militia members or domestic terrorists, outlines red flags such as political bumper stickers supporting Ron Paul, talk of conspiracy theories such as the plan for a mega-highway from Canada to Mexico and possession of subversive literature.


    Gonna pinch myself now.. I must be having a nightmare...
  2. I pinch myself Americans voted for this guy.

    Are you really surprised?
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    read the accounts of bank CEO's from that meeting or house republicans intial meeting. both the same: 'i'm president and you're not- i can do or demand whatever the fuck i want, bitches.'

    nobody i know could see what a megalomaniac this guy is. everywhere he goes he has to make speeches with huge crowds. he lives to have people fawn over him. he wants to get rid of all nuclear weapons. is he really that naive? just like spending like a drunken sailor (oops, sorry, 'ginned up') with his 787B farce. like i've said b4, i don't even feel like this is the country i grew up in...
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    And he wants to tax 401k and ira's then give you a 600 credit a year if you save 5% of your money in a government account that pays you 3% white they take your money and make 10 % on it or more...

    excuse me while I barf.......
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    They call it "Internet 2".

    A subscription-based service modeled after cable TV whereby users only have access to hundred or so websites.

    All data is served off 150 Government, Corporate or University domains, so all content is strictly controlled under "anti-hate" law, which is a broad-based political euphemism for anything that is anti-Big Government, Pro-Freedom, anti-War, Anti-NWO, anti-surveillance state.

    This will be ushered in by Obama under the manufactured threat of a "crippling cyber attack" that would render the nation "totally paralyzed".

    Its all bullshit.

    All the Government does is hype paranoid fairy tales to commandeer more regulation and control OF EVERYTHING.

    Everyone is stupid or brain dead. They believe it.
  7. Limit Lock Down. He already does.

    One phone call to the Banks that received money from Tarp and the hype is validated.

    Did anyone really believe things would be different?
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    Is that first link on the internet thing, down for anyone else?
  9. Don't you guys think you're a bit over the top with this analysis?
  10. Not at all. Isn't this the Rush Limbaugh pill popper bulletin board?
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