Obama Wants $1,500 From Everyone In Your Family

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Sep 12, 2011.

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    The jobs bill Obama is pushing will cost every American a little over $1,500. His last economic recovery bill cost every American around $2,600 and did little.

    Are you willing to send Obama another $1,500 for everyone in your family?
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    So he hand transfer it to his union lackeys?
    I don't think so.
  3. Here's hoping the Tea Party House has the cajones to tell Odumbo, "You don't get it. Stimulus deficit-spending doesn't work any longer... shove it up your ass".
  4. Was he on vacation or playing golf during the entire debt ceiling debate? What part of "no more money" doesn't he get?

    The whole thing is just a ploy to give him something to run on anyway. he knows the congress isn't giving him crap. He wants to be able to blame his horrible economy on the fact that republicans value tax cuts for zillionaires more than jobs for working people or something equally idiotic and demagogic.

    I fear the usual timid republican surrender first crowd will be afraid to face the media criticism however. After all, it's a jobs bill.
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    No, the last stimulus created jobs at an average cost of between $168K to $272K per job, depending upon whether you believe the White House or the CBO.

    Throwing good money after bad is what governments do very, very well.

    Please refer to all the green jobs created by the DoE ( Solyndra scandal, etc. ).
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    You whiners, knock it off. Give the man what he wants. He is your President. He only has your best interests at heart. He will have all this debt cleared up by the end of his second term.
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    Someone tell Obama, these are the real green jobs.

    <img src="http://www.kollewin.com/EX/09-16-03/New_5015_John_Deere_Tractor.jpg">
  8. Back in the day, if you look up the word "junk" in the dictionary, Junk was defined as a "short piece of rope". Point being, back in the day, everything was recycled reused, nothing went into the landfill. Fast forward, everything is literally junk now a days.
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