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    Here's something that should keep the Democrats up at night:

    Sarah Palin isn't even a candidate for president - yet - and she's gaining major ground on the president.

    A new McClatchy-Marist poll finds that the half-term, dropout governor of Alaska trails President Barack Obama by only 5 percentage points – 49% to 44% in a hypothetical matchup. Three months ago, Palin trailed Obama by 26 percentage points.

    And even more troubling for the president: Palin now leads him among the all-important independent voters.

    Let me remind you: Palin hasn't even announced she's running. She tells the F-word network that she's "one of those still considering" a run. She acknowledges she will have to decide soon since some of the early-voting states have a November deadline to get on the ballot.

    But it's not all good for Palin. The bad news is that 72% of Republicans and independents who lean Republican don't want her to run.

    As for the president, there are other disturbing findings in this survey:

    A majority of those polled say the president will lose to the Republican nominee, whoever it is. Also, 49% say they definitely plan to vote against Obama. For independents, that number is even higher at 53%.

    Pollsters say this shows how "the middle" is not Obama's right now. In order to win re-election, he will either need to win back independent voters or energize the base - in ways he hasn't so far.

    Other hypothetical match-ups in this poll show the president leading Mitt Romney by a mere 2 points and Rick Perry by 9 points. These two men actually are candidates for president.

    Here’s my question to you: What does it say about President Obama's chances in 2012 if Sarah Palin is within five points of him in one poll and she isn't even in the race?

  2. Palin is an American patriot.

    Obama is a muzzie terrorist Israel-hating terrorist.

    Vote Palin NOW!
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    No, Jakie. Palin is American publicity whore.
  4. You mean she asked that jackass author to move in next door to her to write that book?
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    Things'll be all fine when the Republicans get back in the White House. You believe this, right?
  6. No. But certainly a lot less worse. No thanks to you.
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    A lot less worse?? LMAO.
    Is this all you demand from the people who work for you, Buggie?
    Or, have you become so hynotized, like most other Americans, that you no longer realize who the boss is??
    Maybe I'm just too hard on my employees?
    In case you no longer have access to a real history book, Buggie, let me clue you in on something:
    It was people with the type attitude that I have, who formed the country.

    Oh go ahead, spew your blah, blah, blah, make yourself feel justified and brave, and drive on in your hypnotic state.
    Good luck in your faith in the Republiclown Party! LOL
  8. I've voted republican once in my lifetime.

    Now please do tell me more, Yoda.
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    I think I about said it all, already. Please reread post if you don't understand, etc. etc. etc.
  10. Al Gore could use a guy like you.
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