Obama voted second worst president of all time.

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    Max E.

    Obama should be proud of himself, atleast the 4 years he has spent railing away against Bush, and blaming everyone else for his mistakes hasnt been a complete waste, Bush is the only president voters think is worse than him.....

    The thing about this poll that is kind of scary is that 4% of people rated Bush in the top 2 presidents ever, and 11% of people voted Obama in the top 2 presidents ever..... The idiots who voted for that should lose their right to vote.....

    According to a Newsweek/Daily Beast poll of likely voters, Barack Obama now rates behind Jimmy Carter in the pantheon of great presidents. The poll asked likely voters to list the two best and the two worst presidents the history of the United States. Here are the tallies, based on net results:

    33. (tie) Andrew Johnson, -2 points (0 percent place in top-2, 2 percent place in bottom-2)
    33. (tie) Warren G. Harding, -2 points (0 percent place in top-2, 2 percent place in bottom-2)
    33. (tie) Calvin Coolidge, -2 points (0 percent place in top-2, 2 percent place in bottom-2)
    36. (tie) Lyndon B. Johnson, -3 points (1 percent place in top-2, 4 percent place in bottom-2)
    36. (tie) Gerald Ford, -3 points (1 percent place in top-2, 4 percent place in bottom-2)
    38. Herbert Hoover, -4 points (0 percent place in top-2, 4 percent place in bottom-2)
    39. George H.W. Bush, -9 points (4 percent place in top-2, 13 percent place in bottom-2)
    40. Jimmy Carter, -20 points (5 percent place in top-2, 25 percent place in bottom-2)
    41. Richard Nixon, -24 points (2 percent place in top-2, 26 percent place in bottom-2)
    42. Barack Obama, -25 points (11 percent place in top-2, 36 percent place in bottom-2)
    43. George W. Bush, -39 points (4 percent place in top-2, 43 percent place in bottom-2)
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    Considering that blacks account for about 13% of the population, it makes since that this coddled, racist group would push that number into the rediculous.
  3. Not only is he the worst president of all time, I can't wait to see how his life plays out. He'll probably be a disgrace out of office, probably die broke unable to afford batteries for his private life telepromter, surrounded by copies of unsold books.

    I imagine he'll set up a table on a Chicago street selling copies of his birth certificate and knock off Peace Prizes.
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    Not sure. I think that after getting voted out of office, he and Michelle will make millions badmouthing the US. Like Carter did deploring the US "aggression" across the world. The Obamas' angle will probably be that we are a racist and unjust country, unworthy of respect. Oh well.
  5. He'll end up in a mall in Vegas signing faux BC's at a table next to the actor who played Chewbacca.
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    Why would any conservative trust this liberal rag? There must be a bias factor of, say, 20 points given to all Repubs here and subtracted from all Dems.
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    Why should we trust anything you say, then? You don't even try to appear objective or scientific in the least way.
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    Hey, this is my opinion, take it or leave it. Newsweek pretends they are a news outfit, but they just push their opinion. I'm not in the news business, I'm a conservative private citizen. So are you on the liberal side. I don't put any credence to what you say from an objective point of view, but, I'm interested in your opinion, that's all.
  9. He'll end up on the speaking circuit musing over the vagaries of life to slack jawed leftisits who will stand in line to hear him.
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    George HW Bush never should have signed the budget that broke his no new taxes pledge. He could have stuck it out knowing that the Dems in congress would eventually cave in because they didn't want to see the automatic cuts that Gramm-Rudman would have made during a government shutdown. He cemented his place at the bottom of the list in polls like this one forever.

    As far as this poll being biased for the left - no it isn't. Look who's on there. LBJ, the furthest left president since FDR.

    The only readily detectable bias in the poll is time bias. The worst presidents recently served. Everybody has already forgotten all about Jefferson's embargo.
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