Obama victory, a contrarian economic indicator?

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  1. Please don't get into political disputes.

    The economy will get far worse?

    I have seen it several times in third world countries:
    When the economy starts to go bad, they elect leftist governments; yet the economy continues to sink, in fact it sinks more as leftist measures (rising taxes, harrasing corporations, etc).

    Poor people are bad into economics, that's why they are poor.
    So this is a contrarian indicator?
  2. Mecro


    It did not matter whether it was any mainstream candidate. The real owners of this country are not known by the population, let alone elected.
  3. I have witnessed the same.....

    It will not be until people truly have access to a truly democratic state that is properly structured....and a historical positive experience....that they will understand....

    Would it not be better for someone to be able to have some stock of the company that they work for....and be able to buy other stocks....anywhere in the world for 20 cents commission per 100 shares ?


    The correct choice of the winning party...and an accompanying plastic ID card that enables them to have a job.....not important as to type....but just the ability to have a job at all ?

    This is no joke....

    Just look at Chavez and Venezuela......
  4. Mecro


    Democracy does not work, has never worked and never will work. It has a brief phase where it's good and then goes down the toilet.

    Do you like the concept of Mob Rule? Cause that's exactly what "democracy" means when you break the word down to its latin roots.
  5. TGregg


    It's pretty obvious. Raising taxes and "spreading the wealth around" punishes success and rewards failure. You take money from people who know how to make it (invest properly) and give it to people who do not.

    If capitialism builds markets up, then socialism tears them down.

    Obama up against a conservative congress would be OK. But left wing with semi-conservatives as the second party? Unless the majority party unity decays it's bad news for the markets.
  6. the idea that obama or any us politician/party is 'leftist' is foolish

    the record voter turnout and breakdown of voters indicate the us population recognized
    enough was enough. obama has clearly stated that what has to be done is so great that
    it may not be accomplished in a single term

    uk democracy has worked quite well for 400 years or so, but the us version is dissimilar
    since it's manipulated/controlled/dominated by 'robber barons':
    " Robber baron is a term revived in the 19thC in the United States as a reference to
    businessmen and bankers who dominated their respective industries and amassed
    huge personal fortunes, typically as a direct result of pursuing various anti-competitive
    or unfair business practices."
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robber_baron_(industrialist) epitomized by the current and
    ongoing disintegration of the financial industry who previous politicians sold-out to
    to the cost of millions of individuals — the democracy
  7. GiantDog


    And what is the tax rate in the UK? If I made 500K this year, how much would I have to pay in taxes in the UK?
  8. Mecro


    Uhm what?

    The British people elect the Queen and Royal Family? Or the individuals who have the most pull in the City of London?

    Cause that's where the real power resides. Not the Prime Minister, who is just a lackey & an actor.

    Understand what I am saying. Democracy DOES NOT WORK. It will turn into socialism everytime, into oppressive socialism/fascism actually. It's very easy to scare the majority into a decision that destroys their rights. Don't forget, Hitler was voted in with great support by the people, then granted dictator status after a false flag event.

    America was not founded as a democracy and was never meant to be. It was established as a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.
  9. Mav88


    The US is well down the path of destruction. The masses are voting themselves money, that's already a form of communism.

  10. I could not agree with you more!

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