Obama urges CEOs to Hire

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  1. http://www.usatoday.com/money/economy/2010-12-16-ceojobs16_CV_N.htm

    Companies are not willing to operate as Non-Profits like the Govt as they are not understaffed!! Serious desperation here:mad: I am not employed but the LAST thing I want is to be hired as a favor..! grrr...

    We have a situation that threatens to improve the efficiency of the system but a little pain and everybody is squealing..
  2. I think its just a token gesture. I don't think BO thinks that
    companies are going to start mass hiring because he asks them
    to. I just think he knows it will make the press and so perhaps
    earn him some political points with joe public.
  3. pspr


    It was just a PR stunt to make Ovomit look like he is pro-business. If he had any desire to talk to employers about creating jobs he would be talking to small and medium size business CEO's not Fortune 500 CEO's.
  4. Those CEO's are brave meeting up with Obama.

    C'mon, he personally fired a CEO, Wagnor of GM.

    Now there was a CEO who could have....well did do some serious hiring...plenty of corporate jet pilots out of work...oh well.

    How about putting caterers back to work .... need those big bonus's back..have Christmas parties.


    What we need to do is take another census, sheetttttt, there's a half a million jobs right there ...... people counting people.

    What the heck is a matter with that ACORN brain of his.:D
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  6. clacy


    Everyday this clown looks more and more like a complete economic novice.

    "Mr. CEO, will you please ignore productivity, demand and profitability in your business and just hire out of the kindness of your heart?"
  7. LeeD


    It's called PR. Very few voters look at how many jobs are created (or removed) every month. Far fewer look at these changes objectively adjusting for economic factors.
  8. clacy


    Right, but this is the same guy that vilifies CEO's and business any chance he gets................ Unless, he actually needs something from them.

    And I disagree that voters don't keep tabs on the unemployment rate. I would say outside of your black voters that literally get bussed to the polls and told whom to vote for, many voters have a good idea of where the unemployment rate stands.

    It worked in Obama's economic favor in 08. It will be to his big detriment in 2012, when it's still in the 9's.
  9. LeeD


    Well, if unemployment doesn't fall dramatically, Obama can now blame it on uncooperative CEOs.

    Outside of public speech (which is words only) Obama is very much a supporter of corporations.
  10. If he were really ambitious and honest about his policies, he would say:

    Vote for me, shop at Walmart... And to the rich, keep shopping at Bloomingdales.
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