Obama: UPS and FedEx are doing fine, it's the USPS that sucks

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  1. Another gem from the genius Harvard grad, minus the teleprompter. Better get those up and running again after hearing this...

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  2. For profit companies do a better job taking care of its customers
  3. wow, that was uhhhh really really dumb.

    You wont hear this on you nightly news.
  4. I don't think he's an idiot, he's actually completely correct.

    Our healthcare system under the gov't will run as efficient as the Amtrack and the USPS.

  5. The decline of the post office has nothing to do with being badly managed
  6. What about the decline of FedEx and UPS?
  7. That is hilarious!!

    What a dumbass.

  8. clueless.

  9. That's like saying badly managed trades won't effect profits.
  10. Fuel cost going up(For planes and delivery trucks)

    Employee health care cost going up 10 % or more per year

    Bad economy means less customers etc
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