Obama unveils MLK structure

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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-15330290

    It is an absolute insult to the honor of Jefferson and Lincoln to place the MLK statue between them.

    The statue must be torn down and given a home in some side alley in the Bronx, where criminals and druggies may actually give a sh1t about it.

    Obama is calling MLK a father of the nation. Crap.

    We need to get this liberal muzzie African out of power and caged up in Guantanemo. He is a disgrace to everything good about the USA.

    Obama is an anti-semite too.

    Screw Obama HUSEIN, our first muzzie president, and God Bless America and our closest ally, Israel, the land of God's Chosen People.

    All patriotic Americans must support the Republicans and Israel, for the support of Israel is required by the Bible.

    Jake Jones Cohen.
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    Yes, I'm bored, so I'm wasting my time responding to ET's biggest troll. I am far, far away from being in the Obama fan club, but facts are facts:

    George W. Bush quickly got bored with going after the head of the terror organization that attacked us, and started a war in Iraq that had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks.

    Obama authorized the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.
  3. Iraq was a good war. Saddam was evil and hated Israel. He even bombed Israel with scuds.

    Saddam deserved to be hung and I am glad he was.

    But we now need to get Iran, Syria and Pakistan, all of which hate Israel.

    God bless Israel and USA.
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    If Israelis wanted a war with Iraq they should have fought it themselves. Please move to the country you really care about, join the IDF, and then you can kill all the Muzzies you want.
  5. The war was the USA's decision.

    But Israel strongly supported the USA and gave it guerilla warfare training so that the American allies to maximize the kill rate of muzzie terrorists in Iraq before the mussies got their hands on the hidden WMDs.

    Several Israeli heroes were murdered by Saddam's evil scuds of mass destruction. I am so happy that we hung Saddam, a truly grotesque Osama-loving muzzie piece of sh1t.

    Iran has WMDs too, so the USA must attack NOW!!! :D

    God bless all countries threatened by Muzzie terror e.g. USA, Israel, India etc
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    And to think an ET administrator actually sent me a PM telling me to take it easy on this moron troll.
  7. Oh do shut up you overly politically correct person.

    MLK does not deserve a statue next to our truly great Americans. It would be as obscene to place a structure of Malcolm X (a muzzie relative of Obama HUSEIN) next to our great presidents.

    Obama is playing the race card yet again by going down this path.

    Obama HUSEIN, the anti-semite, should leave the USA and go back to his village mosque in Kenya.
  8. Iran is next for severe punishment, now that we have finished off the Iraqi and Afghan enemies.

    Iran has WMDs and threatens Iraq and Saudi Arabia, our key muzzie allies.

    God bless America and Israel, brothers united against Evil Terror.

    People like MLK would have got in the way of our just wars.