obama trying to play nice again

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  1. he sure is niave. when will he learn. with the republicans it not about finding compromise. its about laying roadside bombs and night time ambushes to destroy him and protect their corporate interests.
  2. Before Obama laid out his 11-page proposal for health care reform, the Republicans said they didn't want to attend the health care summit until they knew his position. They didn't want surprises. When the 11-page position was made available for all the world to see, the Republicans said what was the point of attending the meeting now that the president had already made up his mind. First, they were going to be ambushed, and now it's a sham. Progress, eh?

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    No doubt Obama will be calling YOUR "president" soon to work out the details the US republicans won't discuss.

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    Does Nobama REALLY want to discuss his ideas?

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  4. The republicans are looking weak and narrow minded and obstructionist in the health care discussion on TV now. The democrat argument is winning so far.
  5. What I cannot understand is how the Tea People, who are at best middle class in the aggregate, would want to squash health care reform. It is largely intended to benefit people like them and yet they support the insurers who gouge them. It is no less pathetic than watching someone repeatedly club himself with a bat.
  6. It's easy to understand, they're stupid.
  7. Kyl did do a good job of presenting his side. But O"bama slammed him by noting that congress and the senate wouldn't give up their gravy health care for a crappy policy like I have. If the republicans would change their plan to a $10,000 deductible and increased rates for preexisting conditions and all the exclusions us small business people and individuals have to go through, I would have some respect for them and think maybe they are serious about their beliefs. I'm not holding my breath though.
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    What I cannot understand is why you Canadians would concern yourselves with US health care.
  9. I would have liked to ask the republican doctors if they ever personally knew a doctor that committed healthcare fraud and if they had answered yes and digressed about it. I would have asked, "And what exactly did you do about it".
  10. Cantor gets an A for honesty in the round table discussion. He flat out says he isn't voting for the bill no matter what. I disagree with him but applaud his honesty.
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