Obama trail of broken promises.

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  1. So Obama made a lot of promises only to change face once elected.

    A few to start with.

    #1. He said to McCain that his health care program Would not TAX peoples healthcare, this is something that everyone said McCain screwed up when pushing for that during his campaign. Yet Obama does an about Face and guess what, he plans to tax healthcare for employees.

    #2 End to porkbarrel spending. Well That did not last, What happened to his promise on that?

    #3 Transparent government, where is it? and whats with the backroom deals like giving nebraska that kickback for healthcare if they vote for it.

    #4 Better Wall street regulation, yet he is in bed with Wall street surrounded by GS and other Alumni that got us into this mess. His solution, some stupid bank tax that is just a proxy tax since banks will just pass it down to the consumers. What happened to regulating CDS trading and having it go through a proper clearing house and making them standardized. Just like equity options?

    #5 More bailouts and unlimited checkbook for AIG.

    Anyhow anyone remember any more of his promises that he broke? Too many to list probably.
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    Welcome to politicians. Are you young?

  3. I expected more, he sure talked the talk. Well it seems he is just a slick talking version of bush.
  4. Obama has made over 500 promises. Of those so far...91 promises have been fulfilled, 33 compromised on, 87 stalled and 14 broken. The rest are listed as "in the works"
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    Yes we can! Now move along comrades, nothing to see here.
  6. Do you have a source for this exact data?
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