Obama to use teleprompter for Hindi speech

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  1. Obama will make history for more than one reason during the Nov 6-9 visit. This will be the first time a teleprompter will be used in the nearly 100-feet high dome-shaped hall that has portraits of eminent national leaders adorning its walls.

    Indian politicians are known for making impromptu long speeches and perhaps that is why some parliament officials, who did not wish to be named, sounded rather surprised with the idea of a teleprompter for Obama.

    "We thought Obama is a trained orator and skilled in the art of mass address with his continuous eye contact," an official, who did not wish to be identified because of security restrictions, said.

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    ..a lot of sheeple thought the same when they voted for him.
  3. Another country gets to see up close and personal what a Joke we have for Prez.
  4. If it prevents Obama from looking like this I'm all for it

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  5. I miss George.
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    NOTHING prevents Dumnbo from looking like that.
    Unless of course your eyes are closed and you have you hands over your ears.