Obama to tell Canada: No more tar sands oil imports

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  1. Just heard a statement from Roger Hedgecock on his afternoon
    radio show that Obama will inform Canada that the US will cease
    imports of tar sands oil in the near future. Reason: Global warming! This is just a rumor from a radio talk show. But after this week nothing suprises me.
  2. Hahahhahahahahahahaha!
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    Well at least we got that going for us, which is nice.
  4. Alberta is gonna be PISSED! Short the oil sands companies, quick!

    Via short CAD is probably the most liquid and effective hedge given the time.
  5. costs oilsands WAY more than 35$ to pull a barrel of oil. so why is this news? they are cooked anyway..
  6. canada will stop shipping maple syrup?
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  8. Almost as dumb as trumpeting a "major win" for a 787 billion dollar stimulus bill that will do nothing but make matters exponentially worse.

    Nothing out of this inexperienced and obviously incompetant administration surprises me.

  9. Barry Obama is the political reincarnation of Jimmy Carter
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