Obama to target tax fairness in speech

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/state-union-buffett-rule-returns-144751472--abc-news.html

    There are always lots of secretaries in attendance at the State of the Union. High-ranking officials like the Secretary of State, Secretary of Education, Secretary of Defense and the rest of the President's cabinet traditionally attend. This year Warren Buffet's secretary will be there too.

    That's right, a special guest of President Obama at this year's State of the Union address, sitting in the box reserved for First Lady Michelle Obama, will be Debbie Bosanek, aka Warren Buffet's secretary, who the billionaire investor famously says pays a higher tax rate (as a percentage of her income) than he does.

    President Obama intends to make a renewed push for what he calls the Buffett Rule in his State of the Union address, on the very day Republican contender Mitt Romney released his millionaire tax returns showing he paid a lower rate than many Americans.

    "Billionaires should not pay a lower effective tax rate than the middle class. He'll talk about details tonight," Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer tells ABC News. Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor and supporter of President Obama's, has stated that he should not pay a rate lower than his own secretary.

    Pfeiffer says that secretary, Bosanek, will be seated with Michelle Obama this evening, listening to the address from the first lady's box in the gallery.

    Tax fairness will be the central theme of the president's third State of the Union address. Pfeiffer says it comes down to American values.

    "We can make sure everyone is being responsible, everyone is playing by the same set of rules. And the system both on Wall Street and in Washington is not being rigged at the expense of middle-class and working class Americans."

    After the speech, the president follows tradition and takes his arguments on the road to settings which illustrate his priorities.

    "On Wednesday, he's going to talk about manufacturing," Pfeiffer says of the first stops in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Phoenix, Arizona. "How we can discourage outsourcing and encourage ' insourcing' in this country so jobs are created here. On Thursday, [in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Denver, Colorado] he's going to talk about how a new era of American energy can create jobs here at home and make America more secure. And then on Friday in Michigan he's going to talk about how we can make college affordable because right now a college degree e is a critical gateway to success."
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    Oh goody goody, some more class warfare.
  3. You could get strong conservative support to fix this problem with the Secretory.
    Its very obvious that the Secretary's taxes are to high.

    Obama never defines Fair. Fair to him is always more.
    If the top 50% earners pay 100% of the federal taxes is that fair, or should it be the top 25% pay all the tax...etc.
  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    Due to the fact that we all know Obama is an upstanding well principled man, I am sure he is going to point out how unfair it is for Romney to pay 3 million dollars per year in taxes, while half the country pays nothing.... after all isnt this whole thing about everyone paying their fair share?

  5. A bit tired of hearing how 40+ percent pay no taxes, as if it is their personal choice. Look, there are a lot of people who, for many reasons, just don't either have jobs, or don't make enough money to pay taxes. JUST like Romney shouldn't be chastised for only paying about 1/3 the rate that most of us do. It's just the way the tax system is structured. Yes, there are many who take advantage of the system, from the zero payers to the $million people with tax loopholes and offshore accounts.

    I don't slight Romney for making money, and I don't slight "everyone" who pay zero. This is not the "welfare queen" argument, this is just a point about both ends of the tax structure.

  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    So you pay a 45% tax rate?

    I would love to know the name of your accountant so i can avoid him like the plague.

  7. bone

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    Why didn't Obama target tax fairness three years ago, when he had a veto and filibuster-proof supermajority ? Personal tax rates were the same now as when he was first elected, after all.

    Not that he would ever stoop to the level of class warfare. Hopium was never about class warfare.
  8. I pay max, and add State, well, it's about that.

    Sucks, but as I said, I don't slight Romney for his income or tax table.

  9. Max E.

    Max E.

    The funny thing is that these left wing radicals somehow think that their life is worse off, simply because rich people dont pay a high enough tax rate. (in their eyes)

    So my question to all the people who want to soak the rich is this: How would your life be better if someone else who earned more money than you had to pay 5% more in taxes?

  10. The SOTU is serious and with that in mind , I suggest watching it following these drinking game rules:

    Obama mentions the 8.5% unemployment rate:
    --Drink 8.5% of a bottle of Jack Daniels (no more, you're probably unemployed and Jack ain't cheap).

    Obama mentions "Wall Street" or the 1%:
    --Pour yourself a glass of 50-year old single malt scotch, throw the glass out, then pour another glass. You have plenty.

    Boehner scowls, shakes head and/or cries:
    --Do a shot of orange liqueur.

    Only Republicans applaud Obama must have tripped or something. Consolation shot for Barry

    Only Democrats applaud Have a glass of water. This will happen a lot and you need to hydrate.

    Camera pans to Michelle Obama Drink, but then eat something organic

    Obama mentions "Occupy" or the 99% Do one shot and tweet something @ellenbarkin

    Obama mentions "Wall Street" or the 1% Pour yourself a glass of 50-year old single malt scotch, throw the glass out, then pour another glass. You have plenty

    Obama harkens back to a folksy, all-american life experience Swallow a Big Mac whole, do a shot of ketchup

    Twitter is mentioned Do a spit-take on your keyboard, iPad, iPhone or whatever you're live tweeting the speech from
    Joe Biden, John Boehner exchange glances Take one shot, make a sassy cat sound

    Joe Biden, John Boehner start fist-pumping Stop. You accidentally changed the channel to "Jersey Shore"

    Obama thanks technology industry Do shot, write rage comic about doing shot, post on Reddit

    Obama addresses Afghanistan Drink for 10 years and 109 days

    Camera pans to Warren Buffett's secretary sitting next to first lady Take a shot of vodka while filling out a W-4 tax form

    Obama addresses Iran's nuclear threat Take away someone else's beer and, while sipping your own, angrily explain why they can't have it

    Mitch Daniels begins Republican response Scream, "You're no JACK, Daniels!" at TV, finish bottle, wake up with hangover that temporarily makes you forget how much more you pay in taxes than everyone you saw during the speech


    ps-taken from various sites that I can't remember as I got an early start.
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