Obama to lift stem cell restrictions

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  1. nice to have a rational pres isn't it?

    President Barack Obama will lift controversial restrictions on human stem cell research on Monday and sign a pledge to take politics out of science, the White House says, a clear repudiation of the approach taken by his predecessor George W. Bush.

  2. fhl


    That's what Stalin's backers said, too.
  3. so you are not in favor of saving obvious lives and children from genetic disease?
  4. fhl


    cross out genetic disease and put in religion and that's what Stalins' backers said, too.
  5. you don't think genetic research can save lives?

    are you fresh out of a cave? maybe you are a thawed out piltdown man :D
  6. Give the guy a break for Christ's sake. He saves his semen in a jar.:cool:
  7. destruction of millions of precious life.


    barack is worse than stalin,mao and ho chi minh combined.

    destroying one life portents eternity in hell:mad:
  8. you are right... your 'boys' can't survive outside of the vagina.. you master'B sinner! :D