Obama to Israel: Don't worry, My Muslim Ass Will Bomb Iran For You

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  1. A non nuclear Iran is a threat to Israel via their support of Hezbollah.

    A paper tiger.

    Anyone who thinks that a glorified freakin' militia compares to China as a future military threat has holes in their head.

    Besides just because someone is a threat to Israel doesn't mean they're a threat to the U.S. Perhaps Israel should apply for statehood.

    Many wingnut, moonbat Americans will vote for one of these AIPAC Dem's thinking they're choosing "peace" over Bush's policy in Iraq.

    Much the same way LBJ exploited the pacifist vote when he beat Goldwater.

    A post-Musharraf nuclear Pakistan worries most people more than Iran.

    I'm a Christian who believes Jews are "chosen." So does Bush. In a secular America it isn't right for leaders to impart policy (war) decisions based upon our personal beliefs.

    During JFK's 1960 campaign he was pressured to dispel rumors that as a Catholic he'd be a tool of the Vatican.

    In the future it may be that American's demand our President not be a tool of Israel.

    Defending Israel from an attack is just.

    Preemptively attacking supposed threats on behalf of Israel is insane.

    We're friends with Taiwan. Should we attack China because they verbally threaten Taiwan?
  2. What is the name of that drug Eli Lilly makes which calms down hyper-delusion bipolar types?

    I think you need some fella...and quick!
  3. Like Iraq was a threat to the US?? Khahahahahahaha
    Why was the Iraqi war pushed and who were the main players in pushing it??
    No buddy...You are the one who is kidding.

    The slow cooking has just started. Let us watch how the meal/"threat" will gradually increase until no other aroma will prevail except for the I'y'ran war aroma. I cannot wait for that meal to be served with, yet again, another extra large serving of "Freedom Fries."

    It is very clear that you were "fooled once and you will be fooled again". Heeeeeeeeeeeeey! Where did I hear this jewel before??
  4. Obama is getting a lot of campaign $$$$ from pro Israel contributors. It takes a couple hundred million dollars to finance a campaign to get yourself elected.

  5. Your suggesting, all those suicide bombings and rocket attacks are a paper tiger?
    I cant beleive you would say that, all the evidence points to israel as -far more than an unafilliated satellite state, follow the money man.
    China-where have they been investing very heavily recently, i could have sworn there were a number of articles just the other week as to india and asian countries generally being awarded very significant iraqi oil contracts.

    China losing us manufacturing contracts, is more a threat than any possible military action they could take.
    Its paper allright-paper money. Rather a lot of it, as you well know.

    A direct threat? How ISNT it?
  6. Pabst, your views encourage me that neo-cons can be "reverted" back to real conservative views. Exposing the Jewish/Zionist stranglehold on mainstream opinion is a vital step in that process. My compliments for having the courage and wherewithal to accept this fact.
  7. Jews control the world, the media, the world economy and at the very least the US government. Did not you read "the Protocols"? Ironically this is one of very few positions the fringe right (spect8or, pabst) and the fringe left (Z10, SouthAmerica) share.
  8. Need help ?

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    not that I think pabst is fringe right. But it would not be surprising if the fringes meet.

    I was taught in college the spectrum of political thought is not an array but a circle. So the fringes meet. I have not really seen any good reason to challenge that concept of the spectrum except now I would make more of a sphere.
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