Obama To Introduce Crackdown Measures On Tax Havens

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  1. Obama advisors estimate the measure could raise at least $50bn per year in lost US tax revenues.

    But isn't the US the largest Tax Haven in the world..?

    The United States does not tax non-resident aliens for any interest income or dividend income derived from the United States. There is zero capital gains on profits from investments. There is no tax information shared with most foreign tax agencies.

    I wonder how much money the US would lose, if it enacted the same tax haven laws it wants other countries to enact?

  2. are not most Hollywood successful actor's structured as OFFSHORE corporations, in order to side step paying lots of US taxes? i dont know, but IF so would this LAW, then go after them?
  3. The problem with this guy is that his megalomania knows no bounds. Does he really think countries over which he has ZERO control are going to change their laws so that he can finance a bunch of pet projects and patronage to those who got him elected? Laughable.
  4. >>Obama To Introduce Crackdown Measures On Tax Havens >>

    Of course, he is a democrat.
  5. Would rather see a national sales tax.... excluding certain basics, of course.

    "They" say a sales tax would pick up about $200 Billion from the underground economy which doesn't pay taxes. Would be easy to implement.. most states already have sales tax, so the infrastructure and software is already in place.

    The best tax scheme is the one which is most widely based and at the lowest rate....
  6. I like the concept. Not sure how well the money would flow from the counties & states up the river, though. I have a hunch that as much money would make it from a national sales tax to the feds as currently makes it from state lotteries to state education funds. More politicians along the way means more spots to get pork barreled.
  7. Right..... and that would be a majority of the nation last time I checked... who voted for him AND his pet projects. We really would have been better of with McCain and the pitbull right??
  8. It looks like, among other means, he's going to go about it by taking the profit out of maintaining these accounts. Not sure if it will work, but at least it's not approaching the problem by trying to tell other countries how to behave. Worth a shot anyway.

  9. I think he is unfairly attacking all those rich folks trying not to pay taxes and meet their obligations under already very favorable tax system in the US.

    It is all very clear, according to some, Obama should go after all those welfare folks. I mean come on all this socialism and commie ways of providing for the poor and their kids. Why should John Travolta downsize from a Jumbo jet to something less....

    Again, the right for the rich to buy 1 million dollar dildos is protected by the constitution. As for all the poor people and their kids.... Fuck 'em !
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    May create a bigger underground economy

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