Obama to address nation at 9 p.m. Eastern as stalemate on debt talks continues

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  1. Obama to address nation at 9 p.m. Eastern as stalemate on debt talks continues

    09:00 PM ..........................................................................
  2. Republican Rep. Jim Jordan has come out against Boehner debt plan
  3. Obama: "We know Drama!"
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    Sorry obama Im busy, dont care.
  5. bone

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    I'm afraid that the President has so marginalized his standing on the debt issue that one more temper tantrum won't make one iota of difference.

    Geithner needs to go.
  6. Boehner will respond to Obama after speech tonight ..........
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    I am amused mostly by the proposition that 87 congressional representatives who were elected in November of 2010 are keeping a campaign promise ( Obama take note ), and that they say what they mean and mean what they say. The MSM simply cannot stand it - what they hoped was a 'flash in the pan' has legs and is indeed a genuine political movement.

    This entire 'crisis' is a manufactured sideshow to give Obama cover for next year's election - he has apparently given up on the economy.
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    The fight now seems centered on Obama not wanting to deal with another debt limit increase in an election season. Doesn't seem right to put the whole country through the wringer over his reelection. He seems to have given up on raising taxes. Its about time-frame now.
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    "never underestimate the stupidity of the american public."
    gg barnum
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    what there to address? going to cry on mama's(nation)shoulder once again with scary stories about market crash\debt\ceiling? hey brother...it's your problem..you create it,you solve it..i spend my money wisely and my checks and balances are fine..i'm not watching it..cause i don't give a shit about it.but i'm going to try to profit from tomorrow. :p
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