Obama Thugs At Palin Speech

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  1. This was just posted on the Chicago Tribune web site. (the Trib deleted the expletives)

    I wish someone could have taken down that buzzing plane BTW.

    Cypress, CA

    We were at the Palin appearance today in Carson, California. It was absolutely awesome. The stadium had seating for 13,000. Every single seat was taken, the whole floor area which is not included in the 13,000 figure was filled with thousands of people standing up. People were standing around the whole stadium above the seating. The adjacent stadium was starting to fill up prior to the show because so many people could not get in. And, there were people outside who couldn't get in.

    Palin was wonderful, and the crowd went crazy. Obama's campaign did send some of his thugs to disrupt the event. Very reminiscent of Nazi tactics utilized by the SA against Hitler's opposition, they were as follows:

    (1) They hired a plane to loudly buzz the event the whole time it was going on, with an anti-Palin banner;

    (2) A few dozen **** were out front with despicable signs, yelling epithets at those who entered (for example, several of the signs were pictures of a ****, with the caption "Don't vote with your **** " written on them);

    (3) Obama thugs were stations at various positions around the stadium, and they attempted to disrupt the crowd every several minutes until they all, in turn, were ejected; and

    (4) After the event, there were still some Obama cultists outside with the same lewd signs, although one of them had a sign that made all of us laugh a little. It said "Free O.J -- He was raped by the government."

    I suppose these Obama **** think that lewd or idiotic signs like these will "change our vote." Actually, these Obama thugs only ended up looking like idiots, and reflected very badly on their Messiah.

    At any rate, besides the Nazi tactics of the Obama thugs, the event was absolutely wonderful. Palin is truly a rising star, and the McCain/Palin ticket is our only hope against the radical, deceptive, and fraudulent Obama.
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    A google search for "mccain thugs" yields 321 hits.
  3. Too funny. You made me look and you're right. Within quotes"mccain thugs" equals 326.

    "Obama thugs" equals 12,300!!!!!!
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    enter hughb in a Peter Falk's Columbo trench coat and messed up hair

    OK, so there was an Obama thug holding up a free OJ sign. thanks for that info...

    hughb start to walk out the door but turns around

    Say, Mr. Prime .... Pabst .... Is it ok if I call you Pabst? Say, Pabst, wouldn't it be counterproductive for an Obama suporter to be holding a free OJ sign? Wouldn't that hurt Obama? Oh well, never mind, there must be a reason.....

    hughb starts again for the door but turns around again

    Say Pabst, could that have actually been a Mccain thug, disguised as an obama thug?
  5. Moral of this story = Pabst and a bunch of his retiree-home friends are dressing up and posing as 'Obama Thugs.'
  6. That sign is appropriate for a Liberal. Also Blacks are for OJ no matter what and 95% of Blacks are voting for Obama based on color
  7. Stupidity perhaps??? No one said these morons were smart, no one said they want to be productive. Voting for Nader was counterproductive, comparing Bush to Nazi was counterproductive, screaming "free Mumia" during anti-war rallies was counter-productive... They just never learn.