Obama the Socialist

Discussion in 'Politics' started by lindq, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. lindq


    Everything coming from him lately speaks to a clear socialist agenda.

    Redistribution of wealth. Government interference in free markets. High taxes on successful entrepreneurs AND their businesses. Increased capital gains taxes.

    Look out below. Dow at 9500 next year.
  2. That certainly seems to be true.

    One would think the republicans might want to mount a defense of the free enterprise system, but I guess they are too intimidated.
  3. lately? this explains his entire career, and schooling.

    its just that until lately he hadn't given any details at all.
  4. Just don't point out the issues, you'll likely be called a racist.
  5. lindq


    Well, the problem is, of course, that George Bush was not only a disaster for the country, he was a disaster for the Republican Party.

    So the swing to the left now is going to be a major one.

    Obama in the White House with a Democratic house and senate.

    God help us. Where is Jimmy Carter when we need him?

  6. Warren Buffett has the exact same views as Obama when it comes to wealth and taxes. They're progressive.

    But heck, why not put in a flat tax if your greedy enough? Just keep electing Bush clones.
  7. Why not prohibit Congress from deficit spending... perhaps we could lower taxes.

    (And then Alice awoke from her dream....)
  8. What a load of crap. Especially after the $29 billion of taxpayer money to bail out Wall Street (Bear Sterns).

    As one poster said: American capitalism = Privatize the profits, socialize the losses. The rich get richer while the poor get the bill.

    I think it's time to change that shit around.
  9. clacy


    I would actually be ok with a temporary tax increase if I thought for a second that Obama would use the money to pay down our debt rather than instill several more entitlement programs that quicken our demise.
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