Obama- The over hyped unproven theory.

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  1. I call Obama an over hyped unproven theory because he has never once made an important decision in his entire life. Voting for Obama is like using a trading system that has never been tested in the real market BUT claims to have amazing results. Please all you democrats try and defend this guy. You can't. I don't even like McCain that much but when I look for someone else to vote for there is no one else.
  2. I think the only elligible people who have ever actually been President is W/s father and Carter.

  3. Just do some research. I don't feel like posting a whole page showing you why you are wrong, its pointless anyways bc most people didn't base their decision on facts, so facts don't change their minds.

    But I promise you if you do just a couple hours worth of research (which I can tell you haven't...admit it..) you will see for yourself. So I challenge you to go seek out the info for yourself. Don't watch TV or go to any partisan websites.
  4. I've read Obama's book and read countless biographies that go into specific detail on what the man has done. I've done the research and have found nothing presidential. By the way why don't you at least provide some type of substance to an argument rather than just saying im wrong because it makes you sound like everyone else who is voting for Obama.
  5. You know what, you're right!

    I'd much rather have a warmonger ...

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    and a bimbette ...

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    in the oval office! :eek: :p :D
  6. LOL, this is too embarrasing.

    Thanks for setting yourself up like that. :)
  7. Lucrum


    Apparently that's all he's got.

  8. Touche. I understand, but i've literally typed god knows how much about him in this section in the last few days. If you have surfed around here at all I'm sure you would have seen it. Right now I'm doing NQ homework, but good luck in your research.
  9. I've still got more than you ... :)
  10. Please.
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