Obama: The Market Is Issuing You A WARNING

Discussion in 'Politics' started by seasideheights, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. wow!
  2. mokwit


    If you read the 1934 edition of Security Analysis it seems Graham is describing the exact same situation, right don to bond insurance being worthless p185-6 - so how come this was allowed to happen again when it has already been experienced?
  3. I doubt O would fully understand the post.

    See thread "What would the Market do if they showed this before the opening bell ?"
  4. Illum


    "The truth is that you intend to use Treasury and Fed credit to allow hedge funds to make obscene profits while essentially all risk of loss is born by the taxpayer, shifting off these bankrupt firm's liabilities TO US"

    This is what drives me nuts as well. That is damn near treason. Obama is dirt now as far as I'm concerned.

    I have no idea how this turns out and don't have many thoughts about the rest of his warnings. It very well may come to pass. I will be trading it, I know that.