Obama the dog-eating, bi-sexual creep, tied up his sister so she couldn't leave him.

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    It seems a lot of people in Obama's past die mysteriously. Three gays from his church in Chicago were murdered within 40 days of each other. At least one supposedly having a homosexual encounter with Obama.

    Except for his sister, who I assume is alive, all his family who lived with him are dead, too.

  3. "Barry also often climbed the mango tree "

    Here in the US we say "riding the hershey highway".
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    So Barry had the poor woman murdered huh?

    Is that part of the "hope", "change" or "forward" he's promised his sheeple?
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    Are we going to find out 10 years from now that the liberals put a serial killer in the White House?
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    Ya think it will take that long?
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    ET is cool because you can get this kind of information here (actually it was originally reported in an Indonesian newspaper in 2009).

    But, if a major newspaper reports it, they won't get a prime seat at the next press conference. So, the web is the source for unreported information.

    TV news is the source of.............. commercials selling laxatives.
  8. Is there ANY whacked-out, conspirational, poorly researched, totally unproven, unbelievable story critical of Obama that you whackos take a critical approach to? Or, if it knocks Obama it's automatically accepted by you brain-dead ideologue idiots. It's amusing and horrifying at the same time. I mean one quick look at that website is all you need to see if there is more than one brain cell in your head.
  9. It's the Amercan way.......


    Did I mention that Obama killed bin laden but there's no body?

    Who does that?

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    According to the Pentegon there are no pictures or video of his body. Obama doesn't admit to having any but if he did he wouldn't release them.

    Doesn't this sound like the birthcertificate story? We've been waiting four years to see an authentic copy of that!
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