Obama the Destroyer

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  1. "If somebody were deliberately trying to undermine the very fabric of these United States, he would first vow not just to change its policies but to completely "change America," and then would do just about everything Barack Obama already has begun to do as president."

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  3. there is no doubt, OBAMA will completely bankrupt America
  4. The man is a living nightmare.

    do you think they will even last 4 years?
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    Obama is just more of the weird shit from the left... Jimmy Carter, Clinton, etc.. they all did exactly what he's doing... they never cared about contracts, they used to pass retroactive taxes on small businesses [Republicans]. Just think of them as special little evil trolls and you will never have any trouble understanding where they are coming from.....
  6. Someone is going to blackmail him over his Kenyan birth. Either to keep him around on a leash or to force him out.
  7. Well, I made a personal decision not to trade ES as long as he is president. Extreme? Others might think so. You never know what you are going to wake up to with this piece of work. Too much anti-capitalistic bullshit for my liking.

  8. While I agree that something does not seem to be right about his so called "birth certificate" issued by Hawaii........given the mother was a US citizen, this issue is probably 6' in the ground already.

    The questions that I would like to see Olberman and Matthews drill this President about, are as follows:

    1) On what type of passport did you travel to Pakistan with, when during the admitted time frame of travel, Pakistan was on a no-travel restriction for US citizens.

    2) Why are your school transcripts sealed ? Did you game the system for cheaper tuition or enrollment advantage by applying as a foreign exchange student ?

    3) If some states pass laws that require candidates to show proof of eligibility before being put on the ballot during the next election cycle, will you comply ?
  9. Why was this not a requirement for 2008?
  10. I does my heart good to see you all in such pain over your President.

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