Obama Team Mulls Role for Monica Lewinsky

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  1. President-Elect Barack Obama's transition team is reported to be deeply divided over whether to offer a post to Monica Lewinsky, the former White House Intern whose intimate relationship with President Bill Clinton led to his impeachment.

    Until now, Lewinsky was one of the few high-profile figures from the Clinton Presidency who had not been recruited for the incoming Obama team. Mr. Clinton's brother Roger is another, though on Friday there were rumors he would be named ambassador to Spain.

    One group, which includes David Axelrod, Mr. Obama's campaign manager who has been named his senior advisor, favors the move to balance the influence of the Clinton-era policy people by adding someone with a different perspective.

    A second faction led by Mr. Obama's Chief-of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, is bitterly opposed believing that a Lewinsky appointment would needlessly antagonize the Clintons and their supporters. Before being elected to Congress, Mr. Emanuel served as a senior advisor to President Clinton.

    Former South Dakota Senator Tom Daschle, who is expected to be nominated as Secretary of Health and Human Services, responded to a reporter who asked about the Lewinsky rumors by pretending to receive a cell phone call. When the reporter took the phone from him and closed it while making a "we both know what you're doing" facial expression, Daschle said that appointing Lewinsky would be "like rubbing salt in the wounds of Senator Clinton at a time when we're supposed to be in a healing process." He added that Miss Lewinsky's presence in the White House would be "a huge distraction."

  2. Monica ghost/spirit has come back to haunt the white house. Nobody seem to be interested here. Why?
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    Why don't they just give her a corner office - and a cigar?
  4. Because the article is dated November 23, 2008
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    Obama would appoint her Cigar Czar!!!!
  6. White house is involved with Monica Lewinsky for past 2 years and nobody has any information about this.

    White house is the most secretive and mysterious place on Earth.
  7. Where is the proof bearice, she is a political nobody that now designs clothes.
  8. Barack Obama knows best. Ask Obama.

  9. :D Stop doing your monkey dance...Dragons Teeth caught you out posting useless information.Go and dig up something new.