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    First the guantanamo reversal now tax cuts extension. I can't believe this guy's galling political calculation. These horrible, evil, immoral Bush tax cuts were a 'giveaway' to the rich during campaign season but now they are necessary to stave off recession.

    Can liberals ever be honest, ever?

    By putting off the tax raises to 2012 Obama is calculating that it will put him into a fight with a republican congress and he can be the good guy wanting to give to the poor. Democrats look the other way while hoping the obvious will not be mentioned- that raising taxes is much easier with an all democrat gov't.

    Oh and the black religious leaders are calling the tax cuts a moral outrage


    Nothing more stupid than a black liberal racist. One adds to the deficit by spending more, not taxing less. No serious evidence... despite what real economists say... and if there is no evidence then why the hell would Obama extend them while he has a democratic congress?

    Without researching I am willing to bet that black people have recieved more in handouts these last 3 years than TARP ($50B), I also wonder whether black america even pays for itself. We know illegals are a net negative on gov't budgets, I think blacks are too but that will never stop them from calling for their 'fair share'. 'moral outrage' yes indeed.
  2. Nice editorial Mav.

    I've given the issue some thought and frankly, I believe the African american community thinks white people take things too seriously.
  3. You bet they do, and quite frankly, they're right.
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    Well if we didn't take economic and technological development seriously, they would have nothing to ask for.

    They might think that, but I think their quest for more gov't money is serious.

    People who largely pay no taxes are 'morally outraged' by tax cuts. I'm not sure how i'm supposed to take that.
  5. Jesse Jackson is calling for a 'radical reordering' of the American economy. It's obvious he's taking this way too seriously.

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  6. Polls show most people don't want the tax cuts extended to those who make over 250,000.

    Brilliant move to have this fight around election time 2012 rather then now.
  7. Polls also show a majority oppose ObamaCare. I take it you share the same feeling of 'brilliance' when it comes to running against it in 2012.
  8. 1.Obama care is already passed,the extension of the tax cuts aren't. A bill that hasn't passed will be more of an issue then one that already has

    2.More people are against the tax cuts for the rich then they are against Obama care

    3.If Romney is the GOP nominee,Obama care is a winning issue for the Dems since Romney started Obama care first
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    It isn't brilliant if you really believe that the tax increases won't hurt the economy, as liberals say. First you would actually be able to do it with a demo congress, second it would show you care about the deficit and took action when you could, third you would not piss off your liberal base. You would score way more points politically by doing it now. However if you are worried about harming the recovery then you wait until you can please your liberal base by fighting those nasty repubs in 2012 and hoping you actually lose.

    This is a crass political move and shows that Obama really doesn't believe the old liberal line about taxes and the economy.
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