Obama Tax Cuts

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  1. Calculate how much of a tax cut you would get if Senator Obama wins in November:

  2. Just great. I have to pay an extra $1 billion and sell the 2nd yacht.
  3. He lying anyway. He has no plans to cut taxes.
  4. jordanf


    From this page:

    <B>Luckily, Obama promises to simplify the filing process by filling forms out for you.</B>

    Wow! On top of all his other duties as President he is going to do everyone's taxes for them. What a guy!
  5. Where's the "Obama Gummint Spending Cut" link?
  6. If you really believe a Democrat is going to simultaneously raise welfare and lower taxes, I have some LEH calls to sell you... cheap!
  7. Only a "borrow and spend" RepubliClown would do that.

    The DemoCraps will hand out some welfare sugar, but will make somebody else pay for it.
  8. Wrong again, gnome. I find your ASSumptions funny, though. :)
  9. You mean it's the RepubliClowns who are "tax and spend", and the DemoCraps who are "borrow and spend"? NOT!
  10. Traditionally democrats are supposed to be the big spenders, what's changed?:


    With all due respect to the victims of 9-11, Osama Bin Laden only cost the US a few billion dollars by destroying a couple of old buildings. George Bush and his cronies with their overblown response have cost the US trillions of dollars which will ultimately spell the end of the American empire.

    I think there's far more to fear from Bush and his upcoming replacement, McCain than the damage that a few terrorists might cause.
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