Obama supports Slaughter of Syrian citizens

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 377OHMS, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. 377OHMS


    Syria continues to slaughter its citizenry, several thousand have been killed by the regime since the protests have begun.

    Why won't Obama condemn these killings? Why won't the Sect. of State condemn these killings? What possible reason could they have to support wholesale slaughter of unarmed civilians by the military? How is what Assad is doing different from what Ghaddafi is doing? Why hasn't Assad been told he must resign?

    What is wrong with Barrack Obama? Is he a supporter of repressive murderous Islamic regimes? What does that mean for our future if he is reelected? Would Obama slaughter or otherwise assassinate US citizens? Why does 377ohms keep asking stupid questions?

  2. Lucrum


    Maybe Dumbo is concerned that if he gets involved in a fourth war he won't have a shot at a second Nobel Peace Prize.
  3. g222


    Quote from 377ohms:

    What's wrong with YOU should be the question. Don't you think that Assad and Gaddaffaffaafffiiii are doing a good enough job without our involvment??? Hell ... their body count is getting to be pretty respectable, I think. I suppose we could make them a deal on cluster bombs & napalm that political correctness prevents us from using ... could recoup at least a few of the bucks we've thrown away in that part of the world.
  4. pspr


    Obama is obsessed with his falling poll numbers and is frozen like a deer with headlights shining in it's eyes. He doesn't know which way to go on anything, he is a lame duck stuck in a quagmire of his own making.

    If he doesn't think he can bring about his coup he may commit suicide before November 2012 as he realizes what a failure he is. Don't be surprised because he is becoming unbalanced.
  5. Due Buy

    Due Buy

    Oh don't get me started on that world class mistake! What idiot panel of judges would award the president of the warmongering United States of America a Peace prize?? Let alone THE NOBEL Peace prize... Idiots.
  6. pspr


    Well, Al Gore got one. I think they should give one to Lucrum, too. He's always breaking up fights when he isn't starting them. :D
  7. Heres an idea...lets cut taxes and start a war with them :)
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