Obama supporters will have the blood on their hands......

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    You all better hope like heck that he FINALLY presents his REAL "Birth Certificate" (showing the actual hospital where he was born). His "Certificate of Birth" (which does NOT show the hospital at birth) is not going to cut it if these very PROPER court cases play out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Do I hear "constitutional crisis" if we do not PROPERLY find out the REAL truth right now once and for all!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Very sad, the people that are still fighting a losing battle.

    This time would be better spent as a trader, counting an Obama win and working out the details of how to trade and invest for the coming 4 years.

    The GOP is a failed mess, thanks to Bush and his idiot VP DICK Cheney. Parties need to self-police their leaders. If the GOP plans on surviving the future, they need to get back to their roots of true conservatism, both fiscal AND small government.

    The only reason Obama is going to win, is that the GOP has fucked up so bad and pissed everyone in the country off. Call it a revenge vote.
  3. It's the Republican way; if you can't win at the polls, win in the courts.

    Funny, but McCain's campaign has not said much if anything about this.

    Wonder why?
    Actually, I am a few days late in using this, but, "The World Wonders..."

    Also, why was his birth announced in the August 13, 1961 edition of the HONOLULU ADVERTISER.

    Oh, Oh, I know why, because somebody snuck into their archives and put it in the microfilm library so it just looked like the other birth announcements on either side of it and of course, that surely liberal trashy rag of a paper went along with it.

    OMG, we have a freakin conspiracy, just like the 911 planes being holograms.

  4. From the top down, unable to handle the truth........


    Never just be honest, always hide and manipulate....the non righteous behavior of the corrupt at work again!
  5. achilles28


    This whole scandal is bullshit.

    The Feds and States gave Obama a pass on his certificate.


    Obama should produce and get it over with.

    The reason he hasn't? He's a foreign born citizen ineligible for the presidency.
  6. AMT if Obama isn't legit than I am sure the truth will come out. I am a conservative voting for McCain but spouting the truth about Obama's certificate with no real proof about that truth is just as bad as the far left liberals.
  7. achilles28


    A democrat Jew attorney filed the injunction against Obama based, in part, on the research of a Harvard PHd who conducted extensive background research on obama in Kenya.

    The Judges reply?

    "Until that time," Surrick says, "voters do not have standing to bring the sort of challenge that Plaintiff attempts to bring."

    The Judge said citizens don't have the right to challenge the constitutionality of a nominee’s candidacy!!

    Thats a load of bullshit, Neo.

    Thats like a Judge refusing to hear a criminal case because the victim doesn't have "the right" to levy a prosecution against the defendant.

    Oh sure. The law is there. BUT YOU DON"T HAVE THE RIGHT TO INVOKE IT.


    Its 100% Pure Corruption.
  8. Wow ok i didn't know it was the corrupt. Amazing.
  9. Thanks Papa.

    This is extremely obvious to everyone but the Republicans. :eek: :p
  10. Just the facts....cases are pending and no one yet knows the outcome. No one has proved anything yet......not the obama camp or those challenging his location at birth. The fact still remains, if obama is found to have lied about his birth certificate, the irresponsible enabling of this situation will create an uncomfortable reality for many! :cool:

    In the end, it is obama's fault for letting these questions persist and those who support him for not demanding proper respect to the presidential election process.......the hard working citizens of the US are worth the truth in this matter whatever the reality.
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