Obama supporters- guess what, they're the same as OJ's

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  1. O. J. and Obama: Seems Like Old Times...
    by D.R. Tucker —

    Since we’ve basically forgotten 9/11, November 4, 2008 will be remembered as the most depressing day in United States history since October 3, 1995.

    Whether Barack Obama wins or loses this election, that day will bring about months and months of endless racial obsession rivaling what we witnessed in the immediate aftermath of O. J. Simpson’s acquittal. Either paranoid America will declare the US irredeemably prejudiced for not ushering Obama into the White House, or paranoid America will be on the hunt for anything that can be construed as a race-based attack on the new President.

    The Cornel Wests and Michael Eric Dysons of the world will turn their outrage knob to 11 if Obama fails to defeat John McCain. The Angry Left will fill op-ed pages with attacks on middle America, declaring that Obama was right to castigate working- and middle-class people as bitter, bigoted, xenophobic religious zealots. As was the case after the 1998 murder of James Byrd in Jasper, Texas and the 2002 controversy concerning Trent Lott’s remarks about Strom Thurmond’s Presidential bid, the nightly news will run repetitive, pessimistic stories about how far we still have to go before Dr. King’s dream is a reality.

    Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews will smear talk radio, accusing Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Glenn Beck of propagandizing their white listeners with veiled attacks on Obama’s ethnicity. The history books will label McCain’s “Barack/Britney/Paris” ad a high-tech hate crime and a political assault even more repugnant than the 1988 Willie Horton ad.

    If Obama wins, we’re in for a humorless four years, as hypersensitive Obama supporters will conduct a PC witch-hunt that will make Media Matters for America look civil by comparison. Even African-American comedians will find themselves fearful of negative audience reaction to Obama jokes: Chris Rock and Jamie Foxx will be compelled to use Bill Cosby-style “clean” humor in order to generate laughs (and maintain their careers).

    We won’t see any Obama gags on the late-night shows, nor will we see many cartoonists targeting Mr. Hope. (“Mallard Fillmore” might take some shots, but once Obama’s cheerleaders start complaining, major newspapers will drop that strip faster than you can say “God Damn America!”) President Obama will quickly join Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela on the list of folks whose past or present actions one is not allowed to raise questions about.

    The thought of America returning to the racial obsession of October 1995 is intolerable—but the reality of such a return is inexorable. That month was a dark, vicious time for America, one that we arguably still haven’t recovered from.

    Remember how divided the country was after O. J. was found not guilty? That divide wasn’t about white vs. black or red vs. blue; it was about smart vs. stupid. Intelligent America knew O. J. was guilty as sin; idiotic America thought he had been railroaded.

    If you didn’t think that America was a dumbed-down nation no longer truly committed to conservative and traditionalist principles, you simply had to listen to those who believed O. J. was innocent to be cured of your skepticism. I remember being horrified by liberal callers on Boston talk-radio star Howie Carr’s show who insisted that O. J. had been framed. Carr was stunned by their stupidity; I was afraid that they would pass such stupidity on to a new generation.

    Thirteen years later, you can’t help wondering: what’s the difference between the parishioners of the First Church of Obama and the folks who thought O. J. was innocent? Those who were convinced of Simpson’s innocence also tend to believe that George W. Bush stole the 2000 and 2004 elections, intentionally lied about WMD in Iraq and had some sort of involvement in the 9/11 attacks. In other words, they’re probably Obama’s core constituency.

    Those who were nutty in the ‘90s will be nasty in the ‘00s: the hard left will be perturbed if Obama loses, and they’ll still be disturbed even if he wins. Like Prince’s father and mother in his song “When Doves Cry”, the hard left is too bold and never satisfied. An Obama loss will confirm their own stereotypes about the United States; an Obama win will be dismissed as a fluke result in a country where bigotry is supposedly as American as apple pie. The hard left is addicted to thoughts of misery and victimhood; whether Obama wins or loses on November 4, these extremists will find some way to get their fix.

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