Obama Supporters Cheer Cop Killer

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wildchild, Feb 9, 2013.

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  3. That is the insanity of liberalsim.

    Some left wing nut job runs around shooting innocent people but he's a gun control advocate so he's their hero.

    Doesn't make much sense does it?
  4. I know Zimmerman has a criminal compliant for assaulting a female and plead no contests for assaulting a law enforcement officer but can you post a link to Martin being accused of violence or assaulting anyone ?Thanks in advance
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    All you have to say is "I love Obama" and "I worship MSNBC" and you become a part of the Liberal Left who will defend you like a mother would defend her own child.
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    Travon Martin banging Zimmerman's head into the concrete doesn't count as violence or assault?
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    As a minor, his records are sealed. But it appears from Facebook posts that he assaulted a school bus driver and got suspended from school for it. He also assaulted Zimmerman. That's why he was shot. Duh.

    Martin was your typical black kid that is heading toward a life as a felon. Start with drug dealing and petty assaults before you even become an adult and graduate from there.
  8. So a facebook post that anybody could have created and posted on ? Martins school records have been released and they showed he was suspended for non violent offenses.If he had assaulted a school bus driver he should have been suspended yet his school records don't show that nor has a bus driver ever went on record and said Martin assaulted them(A female and a law enforcement officer has accused Zimmerman of assaulting them )

    So it seems the only person who has accused Martin of assaulting them is the guy charged by the state of Florida of killing him who had his bail revoked for lying to court.I got it now,thanks pspr
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    It was Martin's old Facebook page and a comment from his cousin. Show me where anything about Martin has been released to the public such as his school records.

    Besides, unlike Martin, Zimmerman has not been convicted or punished for any assault or other crime. Innocent until proven guilty, don't you know. That's why he was permitted a concealed carry permit.
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    LOL, Ak47 is such a dumbass, i bet he really thought he had wildchild there with that idiotic respoinse.
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