OBAMA SuperBull Market!!

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  1. WOW!! Obama has been president for not even 2 years yet and he is moving the Markets to a super Bull. It might be like 1982 bear market going parabolic.

    Will Obama be remembered as the Black Reagan of democrats proceeding over one of the greatest bull markets?

    Looks like Health Care is a Big winner with the Markets.
  2. You sure? On Nov 4th 2008 the dow was at 9600. Today its at 11,100. Thats about a 15% gain since he won. Is that a superbull market to you?

    But I do remember that Gas prices were about $1.50 in my area when he got elected. Today its $3.04 at the same gas station. So gas has doubled since he took office.

    Gold was $740 per oz when he won the election. Today its $1156. A 56% increase.

    Silver was $10 when he won the election, today its 18.40 an 84% increase.

    You got a 15% gain in the stock market and a 30% increase in the deficit since he took office. But hey...maybe you are looking at something that I am not looking at.

    Alot of financials like Citi are still down 50% since he took office.

    So when you say bull market do you mean that you owned alot of gold & silver and crude oil when he took office? Because your stocks have only gained 15% in 18 months which is just a little bit BELOW its historical average.

    So many Obamanites live life with blinders on,dont they?
  3. How would your investments have done if you put your money in the markets the day bush came in?A quick glance shows during Bush's term S&P dropped -36.9%

    So why do Republicans think Bush was so great when he brought one of the greatest bear markets since the great depression?

    VS OBAMA S&P return of +45.52%
  4. Obama's first day was January 21, 2009.

    Remember people, Save the trees not the bushes. Don't vote for another Bush.
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    In November 1994 the S&P was about 450, when the conservative revolution occurred. Stocks are forward looking at election date.
    In Nov 2006 the demos took congress, it was at about 1300.

    Vote conservative!
  7. Leave it to a conservative to not know history. Clinton-Gore Democratic years were January 20, 1993 – January 20, 2001 when the S&P went from 440 to 1336. Ronald Reagan conservatives would be sorely disappointed to find out from you that the conservative revolution happened after Reagan's terms were over.
  8. Pretty silly , something I would not expect from anyone that got beyond the 4th grade.
    If only it were that simple. It would be really nice if economic and govt policy effects were immediate but alas that is not reality.

    Be thankful for that as a flavor-ade liberal drinker and that the voting public has a very short term memory.
  9. I give Obama all the credit. Everyone knows what's going on except him and he isn't listening nor does he care. Reminds me of a substitute teacher. It's a carnival out there.
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    I give Keynes all the credit. Money is nearly free so there's nothing to made there. That leaves equities which, thanks to the world's stimulus spending, reflect some economic activity. Now if that pesky lagging indicator, employment, would just catch up and put a real bottom under the economy...
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