Obama strips military funding to pay for welfare and social justice

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    "The most profound shift in the strategic review is an acceptance that the United States, even with the world's largest military budget, cannot afford to maintain the ground troops to fight more than one major war at once. That is a move away from the "win-win" strategy that has dominated Pentagon funding decisions for decades"

    There, now we can pay for more people to sit around, smoke pot and work the playstation. Social justice for all!
  2. That's exactly how I see it.

    But then again, we're the same neocon warmongering Zionist shill who hates Islam because it's a religion of peace and wants the U.S. to fight Israel's wars :p
  3. Excellent news. Does not go far enough.

    I mean rah-rah. let's look tough and kick some ass, where's my flag?...... duh
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    Maybe we could completely shut down the military. Just eliminate it entirely. Would that be better?

    Aren't there some countries with zero military expenditure?
  5. Yes. That way the neocon warmonger Zionists won't be able to use us to fight Israel's wars.
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    Hey yeah. We could have France defend us for a change! I'm sure that would work out just fine. :D
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    Max E.

    That is a big time Strawman on your part. Given the fact that we are now out of Iraq, it makes sense to draw down some military spending. I would love to see the government draw down spending on all kinds of other shit as well, but it definitely makes sense to cut back atleast a little bit of military spending now that we have given up on one of the wars.

    It would be nice to see Obama cut spending in other areas as well but i wont hold my breath. I can only hope he doesnt use the reduction in military spending to justify new spending in different areas, but the fact of the matter is we need to cut spending from every where, and the military is a part of the equation.

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    I've been thinking a little bit about getting a playstation. You have one?

    My wife would be appalled.
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    I don't have one.

    I spent way too much time playing a game called Warbirds (massive multiplayer online air combat simulation) years ago. Incredibly addictive and a total waste of time. :D

    These days I try to spend some time reading if I have free time in the evening. Your posts today set me to reading about Chomsky.

    I have a decent technical education but simply hadn't heard of him.
  10. If you go to google and enter "French military victories" and hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button, it will return "did you mean French military defeats?"

    More difficult to do now because instant results is google's default but there's a setting to disable it.
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