Obama Strengthens Push for Federal Hiring of Minorities

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  1. Minorities are already over represented in every branch of federal government, but that's not enough!! Says Obama.... Yes, we need even MORE discrimination against white people, to solve this "problem"!

    But when it comes to diversity, the problem isn't with the federal government.
    Yesterday, President Obama issued an executive order establishing a "coordinated government-wide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the federal workforce." In other words, the President has ordered federal departments and agencies to come up with a plan to hire more minorities.
    Here's what you should know about this executive order:
    The federal government is the nation's largest employer. It's also one of the nation's most diverse employers. Hiring minorities is not a problem for the feds, at least not under the Obama Administration. According to a recent report from the Office of Personnel Management, over a third of the federal workforce consists of minorities, and 17.7% of the federal workforce is African-American. The percentage of minorities in the federal workforce is larger than the percentage of minorities working in the general national workforce.
    There have already been other executive orders -- many of them in recent years, some of them under Obama -- that have aimed to spruce up diversity in hiring, retention, promotion and professional development in the federal workforce. This order aims to integrate all of those into one master plan for diversity.
    The higher up you go in the federal government, the whiter it gets. In 2010, only 6.7% of senior-level positions were occupied by African Americans -- up from 6.4% the year before. Women made up 31.2% of senior-level positions in 2010 -- up from 2009's 30.4% -- but like African Americans, far below the percentage of women in the nation's general population.
    Read the executive order in its entirety here.

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    Whites are smarter and more qualified than blacks, spics., etc.......
    What would you have expected with this nonsense, as it comes from an Affirmative Blacktion President!!! Obama is clearly not qualified for his high level government job. This will only lead to more incompetent government policies and leadership.
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    I read somewhere that blacks make up 21% of the government work force and are already over represented as related to their 13% population proportion.
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    Oh great more incompetent government employees. I can't wait.

    Two TRUE stories of black, dark brown whatever you like to call them, FAA employees.

    1) Maintenance inspector walks over to a Challenger getting work done on the engines and proceeds to violate the owner for not having a registration number painted on the aircraft as required.
    He's writing the violation while standing near the removed engine cowl sitting on the floor - with the registration number painted on it.

    2) Flight standards examiner walks up to an airline captain, while on his way to board an MD88, and asks to see his license. After reviewing the license he informs the pilot that he's going to be violated for flying a type of aircraft he's not rated for. The pilot asks for an explanation and the examiner points out that the captain's license shows no rating for a Boeing 737. The captain then was obliged to point out that he was boarding and crewing an MD88 NOT a 737. In anger and embarrassment the FAA guy threw down his paper work and stormed off.

    For those unfamiliar or sympathetic to the FAA guy an MD88 and a 737 don't even remotely resemble one another. The FAA guy simply did not know the difference.
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    Blacks are bigger, stronger, more aggressive, have deeper, more manly voices, bigger cocks, and they have more kids than whites. Long term the future is theirs.

    ; )
  6. Bigger? Only the ones in the Americas which were eugenically bred for slavery. Stronger? No. Nearly all of the "World's Strongest Man" competition, and powerlifting champions and record setters have been of European descent. Disproportionately few blacks in those ranks. I guess this is "white privilege"? The weights are "racist"? :D Deeper, more manly voices? I don't think so, but if you say so... Bigger cocks? I don't know, that's your department mister corrections officer, not mine. But I'll take your word for it.

    The fact is that they ARE faster, more dexterous, and have a much higher degree of visual acuity than their European counterparts. You are also correct in saying that they are far more aggressive, on average of course.

    They do (slightly) outbreed whites, and we have the dysgenic and absurd policy of paying them to do so.

    In any case, you must have a very dim view of the future if you believe that size, strength, deep voices, and genital size will be the traits selected for survival. That really says volumes....

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    Even using a wink icon I still manage to catch a fish.
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    The federal government is the nation's largest employer

    That is amazing. We really are fucked if that's true :D