Obama Starts Another War

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    George Bush must be awfully jealous of Obama eh? It's funny watching how uncomfortable the entire round table is at MSNBC discussing this. Love the Code Pink line too.
  2. Another "Kinetic Military Action".
  3. Nothing to see here, move along.

    Bush is at fault.
  4. cstfx


    "It's a continuation of Bush policies."

    "It's an escalation of Bush and Cheney."
  5. At least he sent a letter to congress this time....that's progress right?
  6. rew


    He should send Congress a nice bouquet of flowers, with a note saying, "Thanks for ignoring the Constitution again!"
  7. Lucrum


    I wonder if the Nobel Peace Prize committee has come to grips with how utterly GD stupid they were yet.
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    One presumes they are busy trying to figure out a way to give The One his second NPP for all the really great things to come. If they had any shame at all, even the tiniest amount - they would have perished from it years ago.
  9. What the hell could be so important in Uganda? After-all, we watch these savages slaughter each other by the millions in other parts of Africa. Hmmm??? Oh wait, surprise, surprise:

    Hey G.I. Joe – Welcome to Uganda but Don’t Slip on the Oil

    Uganda has recently found large oil reserves in the country and in recent months, President Museveni has tightened his grip on an emerging industry which, estimates suggest, may produce between 2.5 billion to 6 billion barrels of oil. Uganda’s oil has been directly linked to the country’s security. According to an astute report in Uganda’s Independent, ‘Oil Could Cause War‘, significant deposits of oil in the Western part of the country are close to LRA-active regions of the DRC. Further, a WikiLeaks cable (dated March 13, 2008) describes a request by the Ugandan government to the US government “for assistance to train and equip a lake security force which could enforce Uganda’s territorial waters, protect Uganda’s oil assets, and reduce violent incidents.” While it was almost entirely ignored, allowing commentators like Fischer to conclude that the US has no interests in Uganda, it would not be surprising if oil played an important role in the US government’s decision to send troops to Uganda. As the co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus, Emira Woods, stated:

    “It goes back to one thing: oil. Lets remember Uganda has oil. It changes the calculus always with US foreign policy when it is a country that seems to be rich with this resource that has become almost an addiction for the US and the global economy.”


    Edit: Can there be any doubt, any doubt at all that the corporations run the show? I mean Obama is supposed to be this radical left peace-nik pacifist, and it turns out he's a f'n gangsta killing machine. What could turn a guy like that?
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    Keep in the mind that the 100 or so troops are probably only going to train a local army to put down dissent in the oil regions. This is the typical model, and typically there is an entity like Shell, Exxon or BP behind it.
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