Obama, start your re-calculation

Discussion in 'Politics' started by sameeh55, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. One of your poppet dictators has been taken care off by the people. One down, 20 to go, including Abbas.
  2. 377OHMS


    Sammy! The Transgender Jihadi! Heya man!

    What makes you think it won't spread first to Libya?
  3. From your mouth to god's ears trailer park trash.
  4. 377OHMS


    Yep, Libya next. How does that work into your islamofascist calculus?

    Yeah, poor people here live in trailers. I rather think that beats a filthy hut in your village.
  5. What's with the attitude Mama's boy? ashamed to me your uncle bubba's ride?