Obama speechwriter switches to Mccain-why isn't this one in headlines?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fhl, Oct 29, 2008.

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  2. So she got dumped because she couldn't write, and she revenges by spewing the "Joe the Plumber" line. LOL. This is comical.

    She's just a hired gun, had no conviction as a Democrat, so flipping to McCain side is just another convenience. She's hoping for the media attention like Joe the Plumber got.
  3. Good article.

    This media, with the exception of Fox, is virtually unanimous in favor of Obama.

    I don't see any way for McCain to win this election. Obama is going to win with voters who think his Vice President is Palin. LOL. I've got a tenant who speakes very little English, who is going to vote for Obama because she's "going to get more".

  4. Yeah, why is that? It must be irrational and unfair.

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    Yeah, it's sooo unfair, unlike in 2000 and 2004 when it was virtually unanimous in favor of Bush.
  6. can you say "Dick Morris'! ?
  7. Not quite. This chick wasn't some political hack like Morris. She's an ideologue who has contributed to huffingtonwhore and worked years for democrats.

    Her point is well taken. Never in the history of the Democrat Party would a working guy have been derided because he was of lower income.
  8. Nice, blunt and avert the point that it DID NOT make the news, but WOULD HAVE made the news if she crossed the aisle left to right... nice work, you need to write for Obama probably