Obama speeches and the market

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tradersboredom, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. tradersboredom

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    Whenever Obama makes a speech etc the market tanks or crashes

    maybe Obama should just make less speeches and bernanke making less public speeches. and more action.
  2. tradersboredom

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    Why does Obama feel he needs to make a speech every week on TV.

    one on monday and one on thursday, he makes a speech almost every day.

  3. Obama ALWAYS gets what he wants and crashing the market is something he wants very badly.
  4. tradersboredom

    tradersboredom Guest

    when is Obama making his next public speech?

    everytime he talks the market crashes.

  5. Cesko


    That's all Obama knows. Check his past there is nothing of value. All self-promotion.
  6. I remember Reagan was always money when he talked. Markets loved his speeches.

    Clinton speeches was also good for the market; only after the Republications took over Congress
  7. tradersboredom

    tradersboredom Guest

    why does he feel he need to make a public speech two times a week.

  8. He is consolidating for his massive lack of knowledge about the economy.

    Hell if i got elected president solely on my ability to read a telepromter I would be making two speeches a day let alone a week.
  9. He is afraid that his hoodwinking and bamboozling of the American people will come unglued so he has to keep his hypnosis on the dumbed down masses going. Those who voted for him are easily hypnotized but they have a short memory.
  10. harkm


    Watch closely next time. Obama never looks at the camera. He is always moving his head side to side as to avoid looking strait ahead. He is obviously uncomfortable with it or has been coached to avoid it. Weird.
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