Obama speaks at GOP retreat and does a Q&A, but FOX only shows snippets?

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  1. I watched about an hour's worth of the 90 minutes or so of Obama's participation at the GOP's retreat, and I thought the Q&A portion was a very good exchange. However, while watching The Daily Show last night, I learned that FOX only covered very brief snippets of Obama's notable participation. And this when he was without the teleprompter about which they ridicule him at every opportunity. You would think that FOX would revel at the prospect of televising such a Q&A segment, until you realize that Obama held his own very well at the event. And so, Fair & Balanced thought it best not to present the exchange either in context or in full. Perhaps the event did not go quite according to their overriding narrative?

    For those who missed the Q&A:

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  2. I'm not surprised.
  3. Equally unsurprising is the one-star rating that the thread received immediately, and the lack of a meaningful, substantive response from the Far Right Taliban here at ET.
  4. Obama takes 10 minutes to answer one question. You'd need a two hour show to cover all of his fumblings.
  5. If that were anywhere near the truth, FOX would have aired such alleged "fumblings" in all their splendor. In fact, there was no fumbling. I know because I watched the presentation and the Q&A. Obama was articulate, incisive and without teleprompter. Perhaps FOX didn't like the way Obama took loaded questions apart before answering them in full.

    And why, exactly, would it take 2 hours to cover all of his "fumblings" if the entire Q&A took just over an hour? Yeah, real substantive input there.
  6. Did you forget he was black during that hour long video?
  7. Did you forget your were American?
  8. fhl


    Here's a couple of snippets from it for ya's:

    Obama says "I'm not an ideologue". Even though his own book says he picks his friends along ideological lines.

    Obama says the republicans have painted his health care system as if it's "some sort of bolshevik plot". Even though the Communist Party of the USA says that "Obama's agenda is our agenda".

    Of course the Huffington Post headline of the event was "Obama schools republicans as cameras roll".

    Of course the Huffington Post wrote their headline <i>before</i> Obama made his speach, as usual for them. lol
  9. The Repubs have little motivation to work with the Prez. The worse he does, the better they do in November. It's no different than when the Dems had little motivation to work with Bush. He fell on his face and they did well in 06 and 08. It's a screwed up system all the way around, and only goes to show these bastards put their re-election to office far above the needs of the country. A pox on them all!
  10. Don't watch the video...Try reading the transcript. When you read the words, Obama doesn't answer Jack Squat. All his answers drift away from the point of the question to his own reality.
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