Obama, Smartest President Evah!

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    On Friday, President Barack Obama traveled to tour Thompson Creek Manufacturing, a window manufacturing company located just outside Washington, D.C. In his prepared remarks, the president officially announced that former Clinton advisor Gene Sperling would replace Larry Summers as director of the National Economic Council.

    Obama also touted the latest job numbers, noting that the economy added 103,000 jobs in December and that the nation’s unemployment rate “fell sharply” from 9.8 to 9.4 percent. But when a reporter approached him after the teleprompters were turned off, the President was at a loss for words.

    Politico reports:
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    A very telling scene we've seen time and again.
  3. Bill Clinton on the other hand would have turned that question into a 30 minute talk like he did when Obama left him in charge of the WH press briefing to go to a party. Obama's bulb is just not as bright in comparison.
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    McCain: ‘The Issue Of Economics Is Not Something I’ve Understood As Well As I Should’

    The New York Times’ Paul Krugman noted recently that, in a moment of candor, John McCain admitted economics isn’t his thing. “The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should,” he said. But, “I’ve got Greenspan’s book,” he assured the audience.

    If any needed evidence of McCain’s weakness on the economy was needed, simply witness how he has dealt with the need for economic stimulus. After last week’s debate in South Carolina, U.S. News wrote that the question of whether the economy needs a stimulus “vexed” the GOP front-runners, who “appeared unaware of the fiscal stimulus debate currently happening in Washington and being closely watched by Wall Street.”

    At that debate, McCain said:

    “I don’t believe we’re headed into a recession,” he said, “I believe the fundamentals of this economy are strong and I believe they will remain strong.”

    In the course of seven days, McCain appears to have reversed course, offering his own stimulus package:

    “The fact is we have some tough times ahead,” McCain told supporters in Columbia. But he said the U.S. economy will rebound. “We will get through this rough patch,” he said.

    Instead of offering direct middle-class relief for individuals, McCain is proposing cutting the corporate tax rate by 28.5 percent. Douglas Holtz-Eakin, McCain’s top economic adviser, said his approach is to simply let someone else deal with the problems affecting working Americans. "The best course of action is to let the Fed handle it."
  5. Interestingly enough, Obama just appointed 3 Clinton era officials who have worked across party lines and cut economic deals . . . Bill Daley, Gene Sperling, and Jacob Lew. Under the latter, I recall that the economy enjoyed low unemployment and a budget surplus.

    Sperling was a key player in the bipartisan negotiations that extended the Bush era tax rates, as well as the refundable earned income tax credit, and the 2% cut in the payroll tax.

    Last time I checked, Daley ( a former Secretary of Commerce that brokered NAFTA and sat on the boards of Boeing, Abbot Labs, Boston Properties, Loyola University, and was President of SBC Communications not too mention Chairman of JP Morgan Chase Midwest) knows more about American business than "Dumb & Dumber" (McCain and Palin) know on their fingernails . . .

    It's still nice to check into ET every now and then to see that Bugscrapper is still talking out of his a$$ about stuff that he has no clue about. :D
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    And it only took Dumbo two years and a mid term election ass kicking to do it. But then of course all he cares about now is his run in 2012.
  7. "I'm the decider, and I decide what is best. And what's best is for Don Rumsfeld to remain as the secretary of defense."— George W Bush 4/18/06

    Nearly six months after Dumbya's quote above, Rumsfeld was gone.
    And how long did it take Dumbya to figure out that Donald Rumsfeld had no idea what he was doing?

    Answer: 5 years.



    "It is unknowable how long that conflict [the war in Iraq] will last. It could last six days, six weeks. I doubt six months." - - - Feb. 2003. Donald Rumsfeld
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    So you're saying/admitting Odumbo is as big an idiot as Bush?
  9. No.
    Not even close.
    Your reading comprehension continues to be on the level of a 4th grader.
    You need help with that.

    I hope you don't trade based on your political opinions.
    You'd have been wiped out by the end of 2009.
    Still short???
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    ...would have happened anyway you liberal lap dog.
    And you know this how? Especially since I've not been short.
    Says the guy who posts an average of 5.10 times a day vs. my 3.84 times a day.
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